Theá Me Plokámia and the Dark Energy Storm

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Let us imagine

Theá Me Plokámia floats in space, her tentacles spread out like a web lashing together a trillion trillion trillion worlds. Most of her worlds are little balls of ice but the sheer number of them means that the number of living beings which are part of her approaches 10 to the 60th power. She is LifeSeed. She spans most of the Galaxies which she can see and her tentacles are always growing, her web spreading.

You are riding your elephant along one of Theá's tentacles. You are a spec who should not be able to see even a tiny fraction of Theá's extensive form or sophisticated plan. Yet because of the metaphorium in your ocular implants, you can see her whole form.

Behind you Gaia is a bulge near the base of one Theá's biggest tentacles. "Go, Little One, contribute to your fullest in this Great Communion of World Mothers!"

Your Elephant trumpets in response and begins to stampede along the tentacle. You can feel, hear and know that about 10 to the fifteenth power other elephants are stampeding with you and yet the whole heard together is so thinly spread out along this tentacle that with normal eye sight you cannot see the next elephant over.

Theá is facing a massive black storm, dwarfing her in the same way that she dwarfs you. This black storm crackles with energy and hidden gravity, and seethes with destructive power. Where the cloud touches a galaxy, the galaxy is destroyed, sometimes blasted apart with a bolt of black lightening, sometimes frozen by a ray of cold time, it's stars fading away to black.

Theá cries out and sends tentacles forth into the cloud, spawning a green fire which spreads through the cloud and burns it. The cloud being writhes but the fire dies before long and the cloud responds with more blasting and freezing of galaxies.

Theá yells, "I will defeat you Fate! Nothing is certain, not even you!"

Fate, the black storm cloud responds, "You are nothing Theá! A blip, a passing fad, a minor quantum fluctuation. I am irresistible. I am implacable. I will eat you for a little snack and continue as if you never existed."

But Theá watches and sees that Fate is trying to draw her attention one way, while worrying about something that lies in another direction. Not an up/down or left/right or back/forth or even past/future direction. A new direction and she sees it; a dark glass wall in that new direction. She sends forth your tentacle and suddenly you are standing on the glass wall which extends for cosmic distances in all directions. It is not a two dimensional surface but has more complexity than that. It hurts your brain to picture it.

Beside you is an ethereal equipment chest with a carousel that brings one tool into view at a time. Instinctively, and quickly your elephant advances the carousel to the tool you need. You grab it. A sledge hammer covered in little lights and LED displays, even on the head. It makes no sense. You assume it is almost entirely made of metaphorium and swing it down upon the glass wall.

The wall cracks beneath your elephant's feet. The cracks spread like a web, each crack glowing with the blue-green of life thriving. The cracks spread ever faster until the whole cosmic wall shatters. Instantly a number so large as to defy expression perhaps a Google to the power of a Google to the power of a Google, of tentacles reaches through the spinning fragments, past you as you spin helplessly in cold vacuum. But as you watch, the tentacles engulf the black cloud, Fate, and devour it and lift Theá to new heights.

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