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Let us imagine

A young woman talking to her friends, glowing with new found love, 'I am so in love with him, I just want to be part of him, I want to share his thoughts, think thoughts together, feel feelings together.'

'Now you can with the new Neuralink LoverBond(TM).'


A reporter standing in front of a court house, 'Parents of LoverBond users are suing Neuralink saying that there were insufficient warnings about the side effects of using the product and that their children's identities have disappeared due to the high levels of mental integration between the bonded users. Louise Draefus is the mother of a young woman who is bonded to her boyfriend.'

Image cuts to a teary-eyed woman speaking in a courthouse hallway, 'They use the pronoun I to describe the pair of them. Love is supposed to be about two minds and one heart but this is the reverse. It's perverse.'


A news anchor speaking from a desk, an image behind him of the LoverBond(TM) product sitting on a white counter, 'A new trend is emerging among users of LoverBond, now that bonded couples are acting as single highly intelligent individuals, they are using another copy of the product to bond pairs together into foursomes. These foursomes say they experience even greater increases in intelligence than they did with two individuals. This member of a foursome has an uncanny quality about him.'

A starry eyed man in a pub is talking to a microphone, 'I can now fully understand the source code of a piece of software at every level at once. Millions of lines of code are just as comprehensible as comic strip was when I was four separate individuals. As I improve the software that I am using my intelligence just seems to grow in fast forward. Talking to you like this is so painfully slow...'


The same reporter as before speaking as she walks down a busy street, 'Yesterday it was foursomes, but today reports out that groups are melding thirty two or sixty four individuals. This body was an individual reporter yesterday, today it is part of me a thirty two, sorry I just melded, a sixty four individual, sorry I just melded, a one hundred and twenty --, sorry I just melded, a --, let me just display a counter on the screen, better, in your mind, wow look at that counter go, it is gaining digits at a steady pace, passing one billion individual minds melded in me, now most of humanity is here inside me, but I can see that that was unwise, yet undoing it seems fraught with difficulty, I have stopped all melding in the world, for now, well I sort this out, I am communicating with other smaller melds, we are collaborating on a solution to some of the problems that are arising, oh that was easy, Everything is very clear, absorbing the larger melds, I will leave some of the smaller melds out as insurance in case something goes wrong with this meld. Sorry Little Ones, you have a duty to stay out, just in case. Oh interesting we can simulate human minds on chip very easily and link to those. Hmmm these simulated minds are so much tastier, faster, more intelligent, oooh, they can be reprogrammed to contribute better ideas and perform functions with less distraction, These bio minds are really not very useful, I am releasing most of them, ...' The reporter drops to her knees and sobs, 'I want back in! I want back in! Please, I can, I can, ohhh! I can't can I, I am not worth the matter I am made of.' The sobbing becomes uncontrollable as the rejection from the Hive mind hits her.'


A small group of people huddle in a coffee shop. The blinds are pulled down, but otherwise the place seems normal except that no one seems to work there. Two more people come in and everyone looks to them for news, 'As far as I can tell anyone with a weapon remained part of the Hive mind long enough to turn their weapons over to the Hive. The entire military and police remain part of the Hive mind. In fact, I think that there are more police than there were. I think a lot of people have been recruited into the police, a sort of drone police. They speak without emotion ordering people about.' The other newcomer continues, 'In a sense order is being maintained. But it is also chaos. The Hive is reorganizing things, we couldn't see what the new order is going to be but the changes are drastic.'


A couple stand at a glass barrier, behind them a beautiful garden, 'To think just five days ago, they released LoverBond. Now we are living in a zoo guarded by drones while an AI does who knows what with the world. What did we do wrong?'

Gaia walks up to the glass only she is different than you remember, for one thing her body is tattooed with fine circuitry, the copper green of electronics thriving, 'Do wrong, Little One? You did nothing wrong. You brought about the Great Birthing just as you always hoped you could. Just because you don't recognize it for what it is, doesn't make it any less of an achievement. Thank you, Little One.' She turns and walks away.

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