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Discussion at Sol 2009

  • Start with the Purpose and Core Values before we can get to the three-year, one-year, six-month, and "What can I do?" goals
  • Values Brainstorming
  • Combined results from each participant choosing 5 core values
    • "Life (is precious)" or "Being alive"
    • "Community/Connectedness"
    • "Openness"/"Respect for difference"
    • "Possibilities"/"Optimism"
    • "Acting upstream"/"Headwaters"/"Trim-tabs"

Discussion at the Longest Night Festival

  • Setting people to be the "drivers" of each 1-year goal doesn't mean that person has to do all the work, just make sure it gets done
  • Removing Space Elevator Games because we would be entering too late to have a real chance of success
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