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Hi Eric,

I have a couple of comments. First, I'd like to remind you that the section on Dyson trees needs a brief explanation of where such trees would get the energy and nutrients needed to survive.

Second, there is a lot of excellent detail here that I think belongs elsewhere. This book is meant to be a quick introduction to our values and vision, intended to draw people in so they can either become our friends and allies, or if they really resonate with what we're about, then they may want to become members and spend the time to learn more details. The wiki is the place for those details, and I think it would be great if you could copy your large blocks of description of space travel and the solar system to other pages on the wiki (e.g. Sol and The Destiny, or new pages linked from those), and condense this chapter to summarize the basic ideas in an inspiring manner.

There are also some pieces of this chapter that might fit better in a section of the previous chapter, Taking Root Amongst the Stars#Generations between the stars. It seems like that might be the best place to talk about humans traveling on starships launched via gravitational slingshot, with travel times of mere tens of thousands of years, while this chapter could focus more on releasing space-adapted life to spread at its own even slower pace.

--BenSibelman 20:28, 14 April 2012 (UTC)

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