Study Group January 23, 2010

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Group Experiences

Quotes for Discussion

Keller, Catherine. On the Mystery: Discerning Divinity in Process. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2008.

  • Regarding the Johannine narrative: "[T]his truth is not to be had. To own the truth is to lose it. THe flow of truth is in this text the movement of the holy spirit in the world. Spirit and truth together name the fluidity of a process that we cannot possess, neither in propoitions nor in practices, neither in creeds nor in prayers. We belong within it. It does not belong to u. This testimonial truth i a relation, not a possession. It is a way, not an end. It is not a processed proposition but proposal for an endless process." pg 33, emphasis in original text
  • When used inappropriately, "Truth becomes not a way but a wall: separating the in group from the out. And it is being erected not just between religions but within each religion, within Christianity, and indeed within each of the denominations. And no scripture has been used more than the Gospel of John to justify this wall. For that reason many Christian scholars quietly give up on John's distinctive Jesus as alien to the testimony of the other three Gospels. For the same reason -- I refuse to let him go."pg 34
  • pg 35 Christian Shibboleths
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