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We employ the metaphor of a plant to consider the stages of growth of SolSeed. These stages are messy and overlap considerably. It is only when we step far back that we can see the outline of these larger phase transitions. Beginning with the end in mind, Fruits are a primary concern for all of these phases.


Roots (Identity)

Since our beginning we've worked to discover our vision and coalesce who we are as a group. This stage is now done enough. We know who we are and who we are not. We've gone from being a social movement that tried to be all things to all people to a focused religion with a clear identity. This journey of self-discovery has been sometimes exhilarating and sometimes painful.

The core values and purpose as articulated in our SolSeedCreed and upacked in WeBelieve will remain steady forever even as we seek better and better ways of articulating them. Future refinements of our self-image may include superficially large changes, for example changing the name of our religion, but will never change the core of who we are.

Our identity is non-negotiable. We will never change it, even for the sake of faster growth and larger immediate impact.

Sprout (Growth Engine)

In this phase we will find a method of growth that gives us the structure and mass we need to create lots and lots of the Fruits we want. We call this structure and mass our "Stalk".

In the Roots phase we started piloting our Fruits. In keeping with BeginWithTheEndInMind we will continue the work on piloting our Fruits during this phase as a sort of maintenance activity.

In the Roots phase we also began to experiment with tactics for growth. Now we will focus our efforts on finding our growth engine. This is the phase that we are currently entering (as of early 2017).

Concerns for the Sprout phase:

Stalk (Grow)

Not yet. This will be triggered by finding an engine of exponential growth.

Fruit (Massive Collective Results)

Not yet. This will be triggered by reaching critical mass.

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