Spring Equinox 2012 - March 19, 2012 Story Tell and Sushi Feast

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The Plan

In Ottawa we will be telling stories and eating sushi on the 19th of March. We do this at the spring equinox as part of an annual cycle of celebrations that celebrate the Great Story and TheDestiny. The celebrations are based on dividing the year into four quarters which map onto the four major periods of the Great Story: Winter= pre-Ediacaran time, Spring = the Ediacaran to the advent of human civilization, Summer = the brief candle of human civilization and the development of the ideas necessary to TheDestiny and Fall = the future and the reaching of TheDestiny.

At the Spring Equinox we eat sushi especially the Nori (dried algae paper) in order to celebrate, one last time, the single celled creatures who toiled through the aeons before the Ediacarans to create the conditions necessary for complex life, especially free-oxygen and photosynthesis. After eating we turn our attention to the multicellular life of the Phanerozoic and tell stories about life forms of the Phanerozoic. Each member tells a story, often which they have written. They may have written it in realistic Day Language or in symbolic Night Language. Often they have written the same story in both styles. The idea is to build a written version of the Great Story by combining all of the stories that are told into one chronology. Of course, it will be fiction but by crowd-sourcing a massive narrative tapestry we will begin to give an idea of the complexity and vastness of the Great Story.

This year I know of three stories that have been written and will be told in Ottawa; we held a story writing night at my house on Wednesday the 14th of March, 2012. I am also told that there will be a story told as a duet accompanied by accordion!

The Execution

Our two guests arrived at 17:00 and 17:50 respectively. The table was beautifully set with creative place cards and sushi sets for each person. Each guest received a set of decorated, lacquered chop sticks. We had a sumptuous sushi feast with homemade sushi rice, nori, and a variety of vegetarian toppings such as pickled ginger, pickled gourd, pickled daikon, carrots, avocado, cucumber and spiced kelp. The meal was accompanied by plum wine, sake, lemonade, mochi and it was finished off by green tea ice cream.

We followed this with a session of storytelling. We had four stories about bee balm, a future advanced-holonic ocean-forest, the invention of rock and roll by a miniature elephant, a tiny horse and a primitive cat, and an adventure story where a group of xenophytophores had to get a sick member of their village to medical help while escaping prowling jawless fishes and collapsing reefs. The stories were accompanied by improvised ukulele music provided by one of our guests. Many of the stories made us laugh so hard that they brought tears to our eyes. It was great fun.

We ended the evening with a game of Scopa and then one of guests left by bike with his ukulele strapped to his back and the other left by bus. It was a most enjoyable evening.

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