Spring Equinox 2012

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Spring in Portland Oregon

The Spring Equinox Festival on March 18th, 2012, was one of our biggest events yet, with about 50 attendees. It started at 9:30 AM with four activity stations scattered around the Seed Village, then continued with a concert by Lori Henriques, and concluding with brunch provided mainly by Shelley and Brandon (with a few dishes brought in by guests).

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Activity stations

Mural painting

The mural was originally intended to illustrate a nutrient cycle, but ended up more free-form (as with prior mural painting activities at Earth Day 2010 and Earth Day 2011). A small, simplified diagram of the nitrogen cycle was included on the upper-right corner.

Mural at 2012 Spring Festival.JPG


Planting and watering

Kids were invited to plant marigold seeds in cups of dirt, water them, and take them home.

Outdoor activities at 2012 Spring Festival.JPG

Planting at 2012 Spring Festival.JPG

Earth seasons demonstration

Ben used a globe and a "sun" lamp to demonstrate how the seasons change based on how much sunlight hits various parts of the Earth during the course of a year.

Seasons demo at 2012 Spring Festival.JPG

Making ribbon streamers

This was an arts-and-crafts activity that also served as preparation for the Gathering Dance (see below).

Ribbons at 2012 Spring Festival 1.JPG

Ribbons at 2012 Spring Festival 2.JPG


Gathering dance

To attract everyone from the activity stations to the living room for the concert, Lori played a Jewish dance tune, and we got people to form a circle and dance to it while waving the ribbon streamers.

Dancing at 2012 Spring Festival.JPG


Lori played several of her nature-focused songs, such as "I Like the Ficus Tree" and "Thank You Bees," as well as a song from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and one from the recent movie The Muppets. She finished up with the song "Something You Learn" (for which Ben is working on a music video).

Lori performing at 2012 Spring Festival.JPG

Lori's concert at 2012 Spring Festival.JPG


The lovely food included baked French toast, John Wayne potatoes, homemade bran muffins, plenty of fruit, and pancakes that were made at the last minute.

Kids eating brunch at 2012 Spring Festival.JPG

Brunch at 2012 Spring Festival.JPG

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