Spider Momma

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There was a momma spider who wanted more than anything in the world to be connected to the land and to her fellow creatures and to her children. But she was assigned many many tasks to do that only she could do because of her special spider legs and her special spider eyes. So she spent her days running to and fro. First to the log and then to the river and then to the fern. And the whole time her heart was sad because she wanted to be connected and she was not ... or so she believed. Finally at the end of the day she was very tired from doing her many spider errands. As she began to look for a place to rest she looked up and saw an amazing thing above her head. Above her head was a web. And the web had been spun unbeknownst to her through her spider super power as she traveled from the creek to the log to the tree to the fern and back doing her many errands. And the web was connecting all the important parts of her life. And as dusk fell all of her spider babies came and took shelter in the center of the web where it was springy and nice. And the momma spider saw the beauty of her work and her family.

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