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descDate Name User Size Description Versions
23:41, 22 June 2020ShadowOfACubeFull.png (file)EricSaumur5 KB (A cube floats above a plain casting a hexagonal shadow on it.)1
23:40, 22 June 2020ShadowOfACubeFace2.png (file)EricSaumur5 KB (A cube floating above a plain with only two opposite faces opaque (the rest of the cube is transparent). Each of the two opaque faces casts a shadow on the plain below.)1
23:36, 22 June 2020ShadowOfACubeFace.png (file)EricSaumur4 KB (A cube floating above a plain. All but one face of the cube is transparent. The one opaque face casts a shadow on the plain.)1
23:35, 22 June 2020ShadowOfASquareFull.png (file)EricSaumur3 KB (A square casting a shadow on a plain.)1
23:34, 22 June 2020ShadowOfASquareSide2.png (file)EricSaumur3 KB (A mostly transparent square floating above a plain. Two opposite sides are opaque and cast shadows on the plain below.)1
23:33, 22 June 2020ShadowOfASquareSide1.png (file)EricSaumur3 KB (A square floating above a plain with all but one side transparent. The one opaque side is casting a shadow on the plain.)1
23:28, 22 June 2020ShadowOfASquare.png (file)EricSaumur3 KB 1
01:06, 18 May 2020GiraffeTigerAndPandaBearOnGaiasLeg.JPG (file)EricSaumur216 KB 1
23:41, 17 May 2020CocoonsInGaiasArmpit.JPG (file)EricSaumur259 KB 1
23:40, 17 May 2020GaiaTorso.JPG (file)EricSaumur450 KB 1
23:33, 17 May 2020GaiaFull.JPG (file)EricSaumur667 KB 1
23:31, 17 May 2020GaiaLongShot2.JPG (file)EricSaumur510 KB 1
23:24, 17 May 2020GaiaExtremeLong4.JPG (file)EricSaumur527 KB 1
23:07, 17 May 2020NorthFaceOfEastHill3.JPG (file)EricSaumur677 KB 1
23:04, 17 May 2020MeadowOnThePathToK_P.JPG (file)EricSaumur660 KB 1
23:00, 17 May 2020TrilliumOnTheFloorOfTheBowl.JPG (file)EricSaumur598 KB 1
22:59, 17 May 2020YellowFlowerOnTheFloorOfTheBowl.JPG (file)EricSaumur470 KB 1
22:34, 17 May 2020TrilliumUnderBranch.JPG (file)EricSaumur440 KB 1
22:31, 17 May 2020ServiceBerryBloomsOnAmonSul.JPG (file)EricSaumur642 KB 1
18:17, 24 August 2019Candle.jpg (file)Brandon CS Sanders82 KB 1
19:17, 13 May 2019Ben_in_spacesuit_2.jpg (file)BenSibelman890 KB (A photo of Ben in an Apollo spacesuit costume, pointing up at the Seattle Space Needle.)1
19:16, 13 May 2019Ben_in_spacesuit_1.jpg (file)BenSibelman880 KB (A photo of Ben in an Apollo spacesuit costume with the helmet under his arm, standing in front of the Seattle Space Needle.)1
19:05, 13 May 2019Pointing_at_the_Moon_with_monorail.jpg (file)BenSibelman1.03 MB (A lightly edited photograph of a man in an Apollo spacesuit costume standing in front of the Space Needle, pointing up at the Moon, with trees and the Seattle Center Monorail in the background. A light post has been removed from the image.)1
19:00, 13 May 2019Pointing_at_the_Moon_with_bird.jpg (file)BenSibelman1.09 MB (The original photograph on which File:Touching_the_Moon.jpg is based.)1
18:59, 13 May 2019Touching_the_Moon.jpg (file)BenSibelman1,021 KB (A heavily edited photograph of a man in an Apollo spacesuit costume standing in front of the Space Needle, pointing up at the Moon, with trees and a seagull in the background. Created in honor of the 50th anniversary year of the first time life from [)1
00:53, 11 September 2018EarthSeed.jpg (file)EricSaumur15 KB (Hand holding soil and plant symbolizing the role of humanity in shaping the Earth.)1
00:47, 11 September 2018ShiningPentagramPR.jpg (file)EricSaumur21 KB (A shinning 5 + 15 pointed star symbolizing the 5 and 15 principles of the Pagan Renewal movement)1
05:17, 8 December 2017Gaia_statue_with_tattoos.jpg (file)BenSibelman1.03 MB (The Gaia statue after we painted her with life-form stencils at the Buckleberry Dedication in September 2017.)1
05:04, 8 December 2017Gaia_statue_with_Sequoia_and_Ren.jpg (file)BenSibelman915 KB (Sequoia and Ren approaching the Gaia statue before it was painted with life-form stencils, during the Buckleberry Dedication in September 2017.)1
02:34, 5 December 2017Fortress3.jpg (file)EricSaumur1.68 MB (Preliminary sketch of the great walled city which is the setting of Gaia Calls Us To Parlay.)1
01:59, 29 January 2017SolSeed-Kindred.png (file)Brandon CS Sanders206 KB 1
06:02, 22 January 2016SESolsticeGalaxyPlate.jpg (file)BenSibelman584 KB (The Viventibus Galaxia galaxy-plate ritual at A Space Elevator Solstice.)1
06:02, 22 January 2016SESolsticeGroupPhoto.jpg (file)BenSibelman801 KB (All participants in A Space Elevator Solstice except Rodrigo, space-elevator company founder Michael Laine, and his girlfriend Gwen.)1
05:56, 22 January 2016OutdoorClimbSetup.jpg (file)BenSibelman857 KB (Brandon works on getting the LEGO climber set up for its first real climb, watched by Ren, Augusto, Rodrigo, and carbon-nanotube entrepreneur Bryan Laubscher at A Space Elevator Solstice.)1
05:54, 22 January 2016SESolsticeApple1.jpg (file)BenSibelman699 KB (smaller)2
05:53, 22 January 2016SESolsticeApple2.jpg (file)BenSibelman753 KB (smaller)2
05:52, 22 January 2016IndoorClimberTest.jpg (file)BenSibelman756 KB (smaller)2
05:50, 22 January 2016BuildingTheClimber.jpg (file)BenSibelman493 KB (smaller size)2
05:39, 22 January 2016MarsHalloween2.jpg (file)BenSibelman1.1 MB (Brandon, Ben, Sequoia, and Ren playing Martian Rails at A Martian Halloween)1
05:38, 22 January 2016MarsHalloween1.jpg (file)BenSibelman1.16 MB (Brandon, Sequoia, Ren, and Ben pose in front of the "airlock" and projector-generated "window" of our Mars base.)1
18:03, 20 July 2015GaiaInTheValley.jpg (file)EricSaumur114 KB (Gaia statue in the clearing in the Bank street valley.)1
02:59, 19 June 2015AmoniaWorld.jpg (file)EricSaumur57 KB (Artist conception of world with Amonia based life. (from
02:52, 19 June 2015Philae.jpg (file)EricSaumur1.43 MB (Philae lander)1
01:57, 9 May 2015ThreeAmigosThreeReligionsSupportMHI.jpg (file)EricSaumur83 KB (Patch carrying a sign saying "UUFO supports MHI", Eric carrying a sign saying "SolSeed supports MHI" and Michelle carrying a sign saying "Saint Paul's Eastern United Church supports MHI" at the Tulipathon)1
22:41, 4 May 2015TulipathonPoster.png (file)EricSaumur70 KB (SolSeed supports MHI with SolSeed logo supporting the Multifaith Housing Initative logo.)1
15:12, 21 March 2015MHILogo.jpg (file)EricSaumur26 KB (Multifaith Housing Initative logo; a red and black house)1
14:52, 21 March 2015EddiesPuddle.jpg (file)EricSaumur274 KB (On the morning after I met Eddie (2015-03-21), I returned to where I found him. The puddle had frozen solid and the first snow of spring had covered it.)1
00:12, 15 March 2015ConflatoriumAltar.jpg (file)EricSaumur780 KB (Service Altar for the Conflatorium Liturgical Season. Millenial Gaia Statue, Fossil Shaker, Candle, Snuffer, Matches, Zills, Bowl of boiling water, Tray of IceCubes with fossils frozen into them, Nori and Honey 'jellyfish' treat.)1
18:07, 14 March 2015MillenialGaia.jpg (file)EricSaumur735 KB ( My Millenial Gaia Statue with "We Believe" and "Something" as a background.)1
04:11, 9 March 2015Biosphere_2_ocean.jpg (file)BenSibelman1.71 MB (The ocean biome inside Biosphere 2.)1

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