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A lot of the time we are very serious and passionate about SolSeed and The Destiny, but sometimes we like to have some fun with these ideas and even laugh at ourselves. Hence the whimsical self-description of SolSeedMovement members as "Space Hippies." Here are some hopefully amusing descriptions of what it means to be a Space Hippie.

You know you're a Space Hippie if:

  • Your converted plug-in Prius has several Star Trek bumper stickers on it.
  • Instead of putting your solar panels on the roof, you cantilevered them out from the sides of your house so it looks more like a space station.
  • Hearing that there's no smoking on SpaceShipTwo flights, you call to ask if marijuana counts.
  • When asked why you're so gung-ho about sustainability, you explain, "If civilization collapses, the aliens will never bother to contact us!"

Comics depicting these are coming soon. For now, here's a rough draft of what might be the main character of those comics:

Space hippie draft.png

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