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The song by Lori Henriques is available to listen to here. Below is Ben's draft script for an animated video of the song.

Lyrics Visuals Text

Learn to consider
Learn to decide
Learn how to pedal
Learn how to glide
It's what the world is for
A place where you explore

Learn to recycle
Learn to recite
Learn to distinguish
Your left from your right
It's what the world can show
So much for you to know

Maybe tomorrow, maybe today
Something you learn is gonna find its way
Into your smile and you will be
One step closer to self-discovery

Learn to wash dishes
Learn to fold clothes
Learn to read music
Learn to transpose
It's what the world can be
No reason for ennui

Learn to play soccer
Learn to play chess
Learn your phone number
Learn your address
It's what the world can give
A space for you to live

Maybe tomorrow, maybe today
Something you learn is gonna find its way
Into your smile and you will be
One step closer to self-discovery

Da da da da…

There'll be days when you don't want to listen
There'll be chapters you can't stand to read
Try to remember that learning takes patience
Give yourself as much time as you need

Learn to speak Spanish
Learn to speak French
Learn to relax
In the park on a bench
It's what the world can do
Your very own milieu

Learn to subtract
Learn to divide
Learn to express
What you're feeling inside
It's what the world's about
A place where you find out

Maybe tomorrow, maybe today
Something you learn is gonna find its way
Into your smile and you will be
One step closer to self-discovery

Fade in on sunrise
Pan down to child with hand on chin, standing in driveway of house
Pull back to show school bus on one side and bike on the other
Cut to child pedaling bike along a path,
then gliding down a hill
Pull back to show neighborhood, flock of birds flies past
Bird in foreground transitions us to child arriving at school

Cut to child throwing paper in recycle bin
Crossfade to child speaking in front of class
Clock wipe to child on bike coming out of school parking lot
to an intersection with left-turn lane and bike-path sign pointing to the right
Pull back to neighborhood,
then all the way out to see the whole Earth

Cut to child on bike arriving at house
Cut to child greeting parents at the door
Cut to child standing in front of bathroom sink, smiling
and looking at self in mirror

Crossfade to child at kitchen sink, washing a plate
Cut to child folding a shirt
Cut to child playing a repeating chord on a piano with music score,
then the same chord moved over a few keys
Pull back to show parents sitting on a couch listening,
then applauding as child stands up and bows

Cut to child kicking soccer ball
Ball transitions us to child at chess board moving a knight
Cut to child dialing on cell phone while other kids stand around chatting
Clock wipe to child in car with mother driving, pulling up to house
Cut to mother pulling letter out of mailbox
Cut to child and mother walking in front door,
crossfade to neighborhood and then to whole Earth
Cut to sunset seen through bathroom window
Pull back to show child standing at sink with music score in thought bubble
Child smiles and music notes appear in word bubble
Child looking at self in mirror

Cut to outside of house as sun sets, stars wheel overhead, and sun rises

Cut to child sitting in classroom, doodling while teacher talks
Clock wipe to child sitting at home at a desk with an open book,
eyelids drooping, slumping forward
Cut to clock on desk with minute hand going around quickly

Cut to child filling out worksheet with open book next to it
Crossfade to different book and worksheet
Cut to child sitting on park bench with thought bubbles blowing away
Pull back to show bike leaning against bench,
people walking by, birds, squirrels,
kids playing on a playground

Clock wipe to child at blackboard writing answer to a subtraction problem,
then a division problem,
turning to teacher
Pull back through classroom window
Pan up to the clouds
Images appear in clouds: child reciting poem, child playing the piano,
child riding bike, child playing soccer
Clouds become thought bubbles above child standing at bathroom sink,
looking at self in mirror
Crossfade to neighborhood with a trolley going into a tunnel
Crossfade to whole Earth

Title: "Something You Learn"

Sign on school building: "School"

Heading on paper: "Haikus"
Word bubble: "A lovely thing to see: / through the paper window's hole, / the Galaxy."
(haiku by Kobayashi Issa)

Word bubbles: "How was school?" "I learned a poem!"
Thought bubble: "A lovely thing to see..."

Sign: "Chess Club" Thought bubble: "555-1234"
Mailbox: "5678"
Letter: "Jones family / 5678 Oak St / Springfield"

Word bubble: "Blah blah blah...

Thought bubble: "I wanna go outside"

Writing on worksheet: "Aburrimiento"
Writing on worksheet: "Ennui," "Milieu"
Thought bubbles: "Aburrido," "Ennui"

Blackboard: "48 - 27 = 21"
Blackboard: "128 ÷ 16 = 8"

Word bubble: "Hey, this is actually fun!"


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