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Sol 2009: Who are we?

Ray of summer sun,
Inseparable from Sol,
Know yourself and thrive.
Who are we as Life?
Who are we as individuals on a spiritual journey?
Who are we as members and friends of the SolSeed Movement?

Join us the weekend of June 27th 2009 at Cape Lookout State Park on the Pacific coast of Oregon as we consider these "questions of being".

At this family friendly weekend there will be camping, hotdogs, marshmallows, philosophizing, songs around the campfire, sand-castles, and the development of a core action plan for how we can "Bring Life" together.



Cape Lookout State Park near Tillamook Oregon

Cape Lookout is about 2.5 hours drive from Portland.

Ride Share


From Portland: Arthur Brock (needs ride or is willing to rent car and share ride)

Limited Public transport

  • Tillamook County Transportation District (TCTD) web site. offers intercity bus service to Portland. Tillamook is about 10 miles from Cape Lookout. Cfrjlr


9 am Saturday June 27 to 1 pm Monday June 29

You're welcome to arrive as early as Thursday night (after 4 pm). Meals will be provided Friday supper through Monday breakfast.

Sol 2009 Schedule


Simple vegetarian meals will be provided. Feel free to supplement.

T-Shirt/Small Backpack

Sol 2009 Logo


Sol2009 is free for all attendees thanks to the sponsorship of the folks who attended Seed2009 in February. Please consider contributing to the general fund for Kinship2010 in order to create a sense of hospitality for those attending the next event.


To sign up, click login in the very top right of the screen (free and fast). Then return to this page and click "edit" to the right of this header. When done, click Save page.

Things you'll need: tent, sleeping bag & pad, rain gear, and warm clothes. We can help provide gear, email

Please include your name, your tee-shirt size, your email address, and sign up for two kitchen shifts (cooking or cleaning)

  • Brandon CS Sanders, men's XL, brandon at thesanders dot us, Saturday Breakfast, Sunday Breakfast
  • Shelley Schoepflin Sanders, women's M Tee-Shirt, shelley at thesanders dot us, Saturday Breakfast, Sunday Breakfast
  • Ted Ernst, men's M, ted at ChicagoHumanist dot org, Saturday lunch, Sunday dinner, Regula and I are staying in Netarts at this place:
  • Regula Frey, women's S, regula at, Saturday lunch, Sunday dinner
  • Ben Sibelman, not sure I need another SolSeed shirt (I have too many T-shirts in general), ben at, Saturday dinner, Sunday lunch
  • Mark J Hansen, men's XL,, Saturday lunch, Sunday dinner,
  • Brenna Waxter, women's M,, Saturday dinner & Sunday lunch
  • Paul Krafel, men's M,, Saturday dinner & Sunday breakfast
  • Alysia Krafel, women's XL,, Saturday dinner & Sunday lunch
  • Kim Edwards, women's XL,, Saturday breakfast and lunch (My plane comes into Portland @ 10:40 a.m. Thurs and leaves at 11:40 a.m. Mon. Can I catch a ride to and from the campsite??)
  • Barak Waxter, men's M, Saturday dinner & Sunday lunch
  • Silas Waxter, men's S, Saturday dinner & Sunday lunch
  • Arthur Brock, mens XXL, ab at geekgene dot com, Friday Dinner & Monday breakfast (since those seem unclaimed)
  • Charles F. Radley, men's XL
  • Bonnie Sanders, women's L, I will help where ever you have spaces that aren't filled
  • Bobo - Master of the Spectacle, Shirt size XXL, Saturday dinner, Sunday lunch, clnlsandrs at aol dot com
  • Brooke Bennett, women's L, Saturday dinner & Sunday Breakfast
  • Sydney Bennett, women's XS, Saturday dinner & Sunday Breakfast
  • Lion Kimbro, no t-shirt, Saturday morning cleaning, Sunday morning cleaning


Please post any notes you took at Sol2009/Agenda

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