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Finish Line

We're done with the definition of a SolSeedBusiness once we have 100% yes from at least 3 Contributing Members and 80% yes from at least 6 Members by Declaration. FriendsOfSolSeed are of course welcome to contribute as well!


Definition of a SolSeedBusiness

A SolSeedBusiness is a business that ...

  • is 100% aligned with SolSeed Values
  • invests a significant portion of profits in SolSeed projects
  • is owned by a SolSeed member

To be formally recognized as a SolSeedBusiness a business must be endorsed by review within the last year.

Benefits of formal recognition:

  • Listed in the SolSeedBusinesses Directory
  • Legally allowed to put the official SolSeed Seal of Approval on their business communications (hopefully we won't have to try to punish anyone for doing this without permission)
  • Invited to the special event (the by-invitation-only event for contributing members)
  • Able to apply work on the business for credit toward contributing membership
  • Free Starfarer tee-shirt


What are the dimensions we need to consider?

  • Alignment with Values? Not aligned ... to ... fully aligned
  • Ownership? 100% by the ChurchOrNonProfit ... fully owned by a member ... no part owned by ChurchOrNonProfit nor by any members
    • I think could be owned by anyone as long as the revenue comes back to SolSeed projects --Shelley Schoepflin Sanders 20:19, 7 December 2010 (UTC)
    • Who are the likely owners of the first SolSeed Businesses that we can think of? They are SolSeed members, yes? To keep things simple, could we adopt that as a requirement until such time as that needs to change?
  • Control? 100% by the ChurchOrNonProfit ... 100% by an independent body
    • Again as long as revenue comes back to SolSeed projects and values are aligned, this part does not matter, and ideally would be great to let the business control be independent of the ChurchOrNonProfit. The only "control" would be a frequent assessment of values alignment. The nitty gritty would be left to businesspeople.--Shelley Schoepflin Sanders 20:19, 7 December 2010 (UTC)
    • How about a badge to say "We are a SolSeed Business" that is earned through a yearly application process.
  • Pledged revenue? 100% of net to the ChurchOrNonProfit ... 0% of net to the ChurchOrNonProfit
    • Business would exist IN ORDER TO support SolSeed, at least in part.
    • Could be a variable percentage, reviewed on an individual basis on the application
    • Might want to consider a high percentage of dividend rather than net. This would allow the business to grow and increase its contribution over time by reinvesting some of its net in itself.
  • Any disciplinary action if a business "bearing our name" were to do something not aligned w/ values? How would we extract our "name"?
  • Can a SolSeed business expect assistance from the ChurchOrNonProfit in terms of investment? What if the business "falls on hard times" -- would SolSeed bail it out?
  • When we talk about a SolSeed Business investing in SolSeed projects, what does this mean exactly? Donating to the ChurchOrNonProfit or something else?

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