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Because the SolSeedMovement has members who live in widely separated locations, many of its "meetings" are by phone. Notes taken during some of these calls can be found at Group Experiences#SolSeedCalls. Here is a description of the different types of call and how you can get involved:


Online Work Bees

What: Discussing and working on the current major projects of the SolSeedMovement (ex. event planning, book writing, choosing sites and architects for the SolSeedVillage).

When: Thursdays at 6:30-7:30 PM Pacific, and Sundays at 5:30-6:30 PM Pacific, with occasional variations.

Who: Currently just Brandon, Ben, Eric, and Shawn.

How: We've been using Skype group video calls. We can also connect people with audio only if desired. Contact Brandon if you'd like to be included. Also, we use EtherPad to take notes and post them to Group Experiences#SolSeedCalls.

Weekly Service Calls

What: These are SolSeed Services for the core SolSeedMembership. They are very short, generally no more than 15 minutes, and provide a way to frequently reconnect and use spiritual practice to reaffirm our commitment to each other, to action, and to The Destiny.

When: Saturdays at 9:00 AM Pacific time, with occasional variations.

Who: Each service has a leader who prepares the content and guides the service, currently rotating among Brandon, Shelley,Ben, and Eric. Anyone can participate, but please contact Shelley if you want to be included.

How: We've been using Skype group video calls. We could also connect people with audio only if desired. We ask that each participant bring a candle and matches, as well as various other supplies depending on the time of year.

Book Group (dormant)

What: We take turns selecting books, then read through a chunk of the book every week and discuss whatever interested us most about it on a conference call. Books we've selected so far include:

When: Sundays at 7-8 PM Pacific (10-11 PM Eastern).

Who: Brandon, Shelley, Ben, Mark, and Kim.

How: Call 1-218-936-4700 and enter 815066# as the access code.

Peer Coaching Triads (dormant)

What: A sort of mini-support group system invented by Ted, where participants take turns being the Coach, Client, and Observer. Each person will play each role once during a roughly one-hour-long call.

  • The Coach's job is to make the 7-to-12-minute session "all about the client" and try to ask questions that help the Client to help him/herself progress on whatever issue they wanted to talk about. (Sometimes the topic is a positive event in the Client's life, in which case the Coach's role becomes less clear.)
  • The Client's job is to be creative, resourceful, and whole, and to pick a topic that is the most important thing for him/her to talk about at the time of the call.
  • The Observer's job is to silently listen to the conversation and then give his/her opinions afterward about how well the Coach did, along with any suggestions for improvement.

When: Varies depending on the triad.


Triads from the second run (starting in January 2010) include:

  • John, Lyric, and Brandon
  • Heather, Mark, and Shelley
  • Ben, Regula, and Meg
  • Ted, Kim, and Shelley
    • Shelley says: if we have another volunteer to participate, I will yield this spot, as I'm in two triads at the moment!!

Triads from the late 2009 trial run included:

How: Contact Shelley if you wish to form a new triad. Some participants meet in person, others are able to use a two-way phone or Skype conversation, and others must find a way to do a three-way call.

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