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Sol 2012: How can we do religion better than it has been done in the past?

The summer solstice is a time for planting seeds. As a science-based alternative to traditional religions, SolSeed is at its seedling stage. Now is the time for us to ask ourselves, 'How can we do religion better than it has been done in the past?' Science, in the sense of testing ideas by experiment, was done for thousands of years before it got its scientific method. But most of humanity's progress in science has been achieved in the 400 years or so since it got its method.

  • What is the religious equivalent of the scientific method?
  • Could religion begin a period of rapid progress if it got its own 'Religious Method'?
  • What does religion do? What must a religion have to be a religion?
  • What do religions not do? What should religions be forbidden from doing by the method?
  • What is a religious question? What kind of questions do religions ask and what do their answers look like?
  • What steps are there to answering religious questions?

We held a retreat from Wednesday evening June 20, 2012 (the summer solstice) through Saturday afternoon June 23, at Cape Lookout State Park on the Pacific coast of Oregon, to consider what a 'religious method' might look like.

This family-friendly retreat featured camping, hotdogs, marshmallows, philosophizing, songs around the campfire, sand-castles, and the construction of a draft 'Religious Method'.


Notes from some of the sessions are posted at Sol2012/Agenda. Please help fill in details for sessions you attended!

Photos from the event can be found on the Meetup page.

Logistical details

These may be useful if we hold another event at the same location, which seems likely enough (Sol 2009 was also held at Cape Lookout).


Cape Lookout State Park near Tillamook Oregon

Cape Lookout is about 2.5 hours drive from Portland.


Ride Share

Anyone in need of a ride?

Art: I will be looking for rides from/to Portland. Probably for the whole event (still need to book flights).

Limited Public transport

  • Tillamook County Transportation District (TCTD) web site. offers intercity bus service to Portland. Tillamook is about 10 miles from Cape Lookout. Cfrjlr


9 am Thursday June 21 to 6 pm Saturday June 23

You're welcome to arrive as early as Wednesday night (after 4 pm). Meals will be provided Wednesday supper (7:00pm) through Saturday lunch.

Sol 2012 Schedule


Simple vegetarian meals will be provided. Feel free to supplement.


Sol2012 is free for all attendees thanks to the sponsorship of the SolSeed Contributing Members. Please consider contributing to the general fund in order to create a sense of hospitality for those attending the next event.


To sign up, click login in the very top right of the screen (free and fast). Then return to this page and click "edit" to the right of this header. When done, click Save page.

Things you'll need: tent, sleeping bag & pad, rain gear, and warm clothes. We can help provide gear, email brandon at solseed dot org

Please include your name, your tee-shirt size, your email address, your mailing address (to receive your copy of The Righteous Mind) and sign up for two kitchen shifts

  • Brandon CS Sanders, men's XL, brandon at solseed dot org, 1824 SE Oak St, Portland, OR 97214, Thursday Breakfast, Friday Breakfast
  • Ben Sibelman, men's M, ben at solseed dot org, 15817 NE 90th St Apt H362, Redmond, WA 98052, Thursday lunch, Saturday lunch
  • Shelley Schoepflin Sanders, women's medium, shelley at solseed dot org, 1824 SE Oak St, Portland OR, 97214 Thursday Supper, Saturday Breakfast
  • Eric Saumur, men's L, biosphere dot communionist at gmail dot com, Ottawa ON, Friday Lunch, Friday Supper
  • Arthur Brock Men's 2XL, artbrock-at-geekgene-dot-com, 229 Bradley's Crossing Road Stop 19, Canaan, NY 12060, Wednesday Lunch, Wednesday Dinner
  • Ted Sarvata, men's L, ted at TedSarvata dot com, 2525 N. Killingsworth #101, Portland OR 97217, Friday Supper
  • Celeste Sarvata, women's L, CelesteNadeau at gmail dot com, 2525 N. Killingsworth #101, Portland OR 97217, Saturday breakfast
  • Max Sarvata, 3T
  • Shoghi Sarvata, 4T
  • Paul and Alysia Krafel, men L, women L,, Friday breakfast and lunch
  • Hank Burroughs, men's L, w dot burroughs at verizon dot net, 6203 Shaw Ln SE, Aumsville, OR 97325, Thursday breakfast, Thursday Lunch
  • LionKimbro, men's L,, 1019 Terry Ave APT 104 Seattle WA 98104, Thursday lunch, Friday breakfast; departing very late Friday or very early Saturday

Campsites and Hall

      Tues4pm   Wed10am  4pm    Thursday     Friday    Saturday10pm  Sunday1pm
Hall                |-------------------------------------------|
C7         |------------------------------------------------------------|
C9         |------------------------------------------------------------|
C69                        |--------------------------------------------|
C70                        |--------------------------------------------|
C71                        |--------------------------------------------|
C72                        |--------------------------------------------|
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