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The Rocket

by Shawn Kilburn

Get me some rocket fuel, O
I gotta get off this wasted rock
Come on board, you koalas and rock badgers
Climb on board, you barbarians and viola makers
Crawl on board, you ragers and partytowners
Hop on board, you malingerers and justicers
Spin on board, you dreamlocked fanciers
Beard on board, you unlikely worldspinners
Meet me on board, my dear sons and daughters

Get that nozzle fixed, go
Watch that gauge fill up
Bbeam on board, you sad monkeys and maladies
Jump on board, you humbugs and vacuumnauts
Zep on board, you space vampurs and uneasy riders
Scamper on board, you readers and non-readers
Sneak on board, you broken-hearted best beloveds
Lunge on board, you johnny-jump-ups and susan-spin-aways
Meet me on board, my dear sons and daughters

Get that engine running, so
Hear that deep thrum fill your heart
Cower on board, you braggarts and chest-beaters
Heap on board, you weepers and heart breathers
Twirl on board, you stardancers and mucklebinders
Flip on board, you lonelyhearts and desertminders
Love on board, you hidalgos and meistersingers
Seek on board, you pirates and xenophiles
Meet me on board, my dear sons and daughters

All ready for the countdown, no?
Strap in, hold tight, breathe out
Search on board, you infonauts and deskjunkys
Tap on board, you mountebanks and dreadnoughts
Joust on board, you thirsty and unhinged
Clamber on board, you cousins and tangents
Nap on board, you babies and oldsters
Breathe on board, you cravers and hey-down-derry-os
Meet me on board, my dear sons and daughters

Check the lights, the spanners, the waldos
Koala: chew on something new
Rock badger: you do exist, transformed by time
Barbarian: let fly your beautiful tongue
Viola maker: set bow to string
Rager: let fly one last time for all your tallyho
Partytowner: have all your plates and saucers, forks and knives, hats and tassels?
Malingerer: here's a balloon animal
Justicer: Nod your head and sleep
Dreamlocked fancier: Open your eyes and dream

Check the launchpad, the propellant, the cylinders
Worldspinner: Cut the thread
Sad monkey: Laugh until your tears fall away
Malady: Get to know you better
Humbug: Here's your hat and stick
Vacuumnaut: Screw your helmet to the sticking place
Space vampur: Have some wine
Uneasy rider: Buckle up
Reader: It's time to read the world

Check the nozzle, the cooler, the jets of gas
Non-reader: Open up and dive on in
Broken-hearted best beloved: Here's a loaner heart from me to you
Johnny-Jump-Up: Keep on jumping, jump jump jump!
Susan-Spin-Away: Keep on spinning, spin spin spin!
Braggart: Shhhh, only listen
Chest-beater: Strap on the 'plate and so carry on
Weeper: Weep on, only smile

Check the vanes, the gyros, the radio command receivers
Heart Breather: Get that heart right out yer mouth
Stardancer: Have some fizz
Mucklebinder: Illuminate those blocks and narrows
Lonelyheart: Be alone with us
Desertminder: Join the caravan, oasis rest
Hidalgo: Sharpen your moustachios and grin

Check the turbopumps, the inlets, the thrust frames
Meistersinger: You know the song we love
Pirate: Value what you take and give
Xenophile: You're in the right spot; have patience on the rest of us
Infonaut: Rest your tired eyes
Deskjunky: Set down your 'scrip and walk

Check the carriers, the beams, the pedestals.
Mountebank: Learn some new tricks
Dreadnought: Unbuckle that armor
Thirsty: Drink deep and unafraid
Unhinged: Katy bar the door!

Check the heatsinks, the antennas, the instrumentation
Cousin: Blessed be unto you
Tangent: We'll meet you on the other side
Baby and Oldster: Don't hurry so.

Check the lift, the weight, the drag
Craver: Taste the honey and let go
Hey-down-derry-o: Sing it again

Every Mother's Son: You'll get there
Every Father's Daughter: You'll get there

To All Aboard:
Blast Off!
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