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Keith's plans

  • Keith: To develop long-term space projects, find profitable ventures at multiple steps from startup to finished product
    • Server Sky
      • Tracking very small space junk with small Server Sky-style arrays
      • Space-based solar
    • Launch Loop
      • People who need sudden bursts of power, which the utility won't provide
      • Load-leveling ex. thermal power plants
      • Eventually load-leveling the Pacific Rim
        • Pipeline would be about 16 times the mass of the Alaska pipeline but store much more energy

Ideas for SolSeed's potential space company

  • We'll find people, Keith will find people, and some of those we find will be more suited to Keith's projects and vice versa
    • Domains will be close but non-overlapping
  • Cube-sats
    • Naval Academy is running a program with cube-sats to give their students training with satellite management
      • AmSat (amateur radio cube-sat group) gets to use them for their radio stuff
      • 2/3 of space in each cube-sat can be bought to fill with whatever you want
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