September 29, 2010: Eco-Village Work Bee

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This is a call where we worked out some details of the plan for the SolSeedVillage.


  • Business established ... by end of 2010
    • Best idea so far: medical hand-wash station monitoring
    • Different, somewhat unlikely idea: composting toilets
    • Ted will keep working on his own business, but can help keep Brandon on track (and vice versa)
    • Will need capital, which will limit what resources we can put toward any remodeling for awhile
  • Start on finding more people to live in the eco-village
    • Advertise on Craigslist
    • See if we can get Mathew and Molly ... talk to them within the next few weeks
  • Sign is added to front of main house
  • Laundry machine is moved
  • Stairs are remodeled
  • Business is profitable
  • Guest room is remodeled (into a small shared office)
  • Revenue run-rate of $100k/yr
  • Ben moves to eco-village
    • Can help keep Brandon on task with the business, and vice versa
  • New entrance to basement is complete
  • Solar panels on roof
  • Revenue run-rate of $1m/yr
  • Backyard cottage design is approved
  • Backyard cottage is completed

Other things we'll be busy with

  • Finishing the books
  • Services
  • SpaceWiki
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