September 20, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • SpaceWiki, Space Manufacturing
  • Ecovillage
  • Equinox Celebration
  • Review OnePagePlan
  • Book

Check In

  • Ben ... I have a headache, might be sick, or could be MSG? ... had Japanese for lunch with dev team ... (how was prototype?) ... thought my demo was amatuerish and had things go wrong, was told that it wasn't bad compared to some they'd seen
  • Shelley ... had a nearly perfect day, walked with Sequoia and looked at Sunflowers, date with Brandon, got some work for work done, did a bunch of cooking for equinox service, now folding laundry
  • Brandon ... have been kind of depressed, but had a pretty good day today and feel like I have some direction, which feels good
  • Sequoia ... is going to be worn by his caregiver at Childroots to help him feel more connected to her ... Childroots is his "school"

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... add the creative commons by attribution-share alike license to SpaceWiki ... by next call
  • Brandon ... make first approach to SpaceX ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... set up the porch and clean house ... next Tuesday
  • Brandon & Shelley ... distribute paper invitations ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon & Ben ... book-writing party ... by Thursday night
  • Shelley ... work on the service, including programs etc ... Thursday
  • Shelley ... prepare food for the service ... next Monday


  • Brandon is corresponding with someone at SpaceX ... wants to know what we would want from them
    • We wrote and sent off a response during this call
  • Looking at the costs for Space Manufacturing conference, $2500 may be reasonable, or $1500 if we decide to try to get other sponsors
    • $250 for registration
    • around $200 for hotel
    • around $500 for plane flights if only Ben and Brandon go


  • We're not sure if we'll proceed with a backyard cottage, but doing the "Additional Dwelling Unit" tour will still be useful, fun, and help Matthew and Molly get more involved
    • Let's aim for Saturday October 2
    • Shelley will reply to Matthew and Molly, and mention the Equinox Celebration too
  • As for remodeling the house, the three of us can informally look at ideas after the Celebration
    • Shelley thinks the current laundry situation is dangerous and should be modified sooner rather than later

Equinox Celebration

  • Shelley feels good about being able to invite and include quite a few people
    • Notice how that went and brainstorm how to expand our circle of influence by inviting more people (especially to participate since this seems to deepen commitment)
      • People could give presentations (we have done some of that)
  • Introduction acknowledging that not all those present are SolSeed members ... others may just find the Equinox to be a meaningful event
  • Shelley, Ted, and Heather have a rehearsal tomorrow on phone for readers theater
  • Ben's parents have music and poems
  • Hopefully the service can be outside


3rd Quarter Goals

  • SpaceWiki:
    • Yellow ... Created sponsor-specific inspiring materials and approached one potential sponsor with those to ask about them sponsoring an event ... done
    • Green ... One thorough sponsorship campaign (talking to lots of people at the potential sponsoring organization, etc) ... three people so far, can probably achieve this
    • Super Green ... Five thorough sponsorship campaigns
  • Place:
    • Yellow ... firm decision and commitment for pocket cottage and/or main house renovation (PCAOMHR) timeline
    • Green ... inspiring concept plans for the PCAOMHR
    • Super Green ... plans you could build from, and a builder
  • Media:
    • Yellow ... work on the big book every other week, average 250 words/week (500 per session) .. already there
    • Green ... average 500 words/week for the big book all quarter ... this is very doable (need 400 words per week for the next 2 weeks)
    • Super Green ... average 1400 words/week for the big book all quarter


Ben added 869 words this week

Current stats

Introduction: 1346 words, plus 20-word bracketed comment
Chapter 1: 942 words added during 3rd quarter 2010 (852 other words), plus 4-word to-do note
Chapter 2: 1047 words added during 3rd quarter 2010 (485 other words)
Chapter 3: 1588 words
Chapter 4: 779 words

Total for 3rd quarter 2010: 5702 words in the first 11 weeks, for an average of 518.36 words/week

Grand total: 7043 words


  • Ben ... edit the first two paragraphs from the SolSeed wiki into opening words ... by Wednesday night
  • Ben ... write 300 words for the SolSeed book ... by next call
  • Ben ... have a conversation with someone you trust about moving to the SolSeed Eco-Village ... by next call
  • Shelley ... reply to Matthew and Molly about a tour on October 2 ... by tonight
  • Shelley ... invite Matthew and Molly to equinox celebration ... by tonight
  • Shelley ... prepare closing words for next call ... by next call
  • Brandon ... follow up with the folks who are responding about the cottage ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... do chores for service from Shelley's list ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... call Ted with SS #s ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... watch Sequoia during Reader's Theater rehearsal at 8:15pm tomorrow
  • Brandon ... ping Kevin about children's book ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... send to Ben and Shelley KMF's examples for the children's book that he's given me ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... write 200 words for the Book ... by next call
  • Brandon ... fix the MediaWiki search ... by mid-October
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