September 13, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • EcoVillage Thinking
  • Business Opportunity
  • Review OnePagePlan
  • Book
  • Equinox Celebration

Check In

  • Shelley ... saw counselor today ... grieving a lot for Rainier ... homework is to see fear and what it's doing
  • Brandon ... still sick ... but work is going pretty well ... have been doing a lot on SolSeed but not my homework
  • Ben ... lousy weekend ... sitting around being depressed about politics ... had a really good day today ... working on a self-directed project that looks like it is going to be really valuable and people are going to like that I did it ... get home, check my email and it's all politics again
  • Sequoia ... asleep, has been stressed because evolving toward less nursing during the night ... but in general, happy

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... reach out to NASA Watch, Space Place, and maybe Commercial Space Gateway (Richard Mains) and the Lurio Report to ask them to write about SpaceWiki ... by next call
  • Brandon ... fix the MediaWiki search ... by Sept. 13 (made progress on this by setting up a new upgraded MediaWiki instance, which will have the Sphinx search engine)
  • Brandon ... add the creative commons by attribution-share alike license to SpaceWiki ... by next call
  • Brandon ... make first approach to SpaceX ... by next call
  • Brandon & Shelley ... invite the neighbors to the Equinox celebration ... by next call
  • Ben ... write at least 400 words on the SolSeed book ... by next call
  • Ben ... sign up for Whidbey Bioneers ... by Sept. 16


New general concept

  • Brandon and Shelley thought a lot about this in the past week
    • Saw a neat house in Hawthorne with a "meeting hall" with a green roof
    • Questioned whether this house is the right house for the eco-village
    • Research on what bigger houses are available, with more land
    • Then reversed and thought about how we don't even need extra room yet
  • Could renovate the guest room, office, etc as a residence for Ben
    • And make eco-friendly improvements to the house in the process
    • More efficient money-wise than the backyard cottage (a.k.a. Accessory Dwelling Unit)

Specific ideas

  • Current office could become a bedroom (nice and bright in the morning)
  • Modify the stairs to be less scary for Sequoia and have an entrance to the current guest bedroom?
  • Move laundry machines? Do line/rack clothes drying under the balcony outside?
  • Solar panels
  • Sensor network to measure consumption
  • Insulation
  • Repainting

Business Opportunity

  • Shelley does quality improvement for Providence St. Vincent, one of the most influential of the 88 Providence clinics
    • Was asked to help the safety officer for all clinics to measure how physicians and staff are doing with hand hygiene ... difficult problem
    • Asked Brandon to help brainstorm ideas to solve this ... a solution would have a large potential market nationwide, some 4500 hospitals
  • Advantages
    • Has a wide impact, saves lives
    • Similar to two embedded-electronics projects Brandon has done, including one for an internship
    • Would require central Windows-based software to track the data, which is what Ben does
    • Shelley thinks Providence is desperate for a solution that improves the situation
    • Brandon believes we could ultimately meet the criteria of
      • Can we be the best in the world at it?
      • Is it financially viable?
      • Do you have passion for it?
        • Could point toward Server Sky
        • Could point toward sensor networks in the home that change how people use energy
  • Disadvantages
    • The "passion" items above seem tenuous
    • A startup like this would not be a way to support ourselves (certainly not a viable replacement for Ben's current job)
    • Ben isn't that passionate about this area ... prefers things more related to media/graphics
  • Competition
    • RFID-based solution that detects when doctors enter rooms and when they go up to the hand-cleaner dispenser
      • Makes people feel spied on?


3rd Quarter Goals

  • SpaceWiki:
    • Yellow ... Created sponsor-specific inspiring materials and approached one potential sponsor with those to ask about them sponsoring an event ... we'll be there by tomorrow, says Brandon
    • Green ... One thorough sponsorship campaign (talking to lots of people at the potential sponsoring organization, etc)
    • Super Green ... Five thorough sponsorship campaigns
  • Place:
    • Yellow ... firm decision and commitment for pocket cottage and/or main house renovation (PCAOMHR) timeline
    • Green ... inspiring concept plans for the PCAOMHR
    • Super Green ... plans you could build from, and a builder
  • Media:
    • Yellow ... work on the big book every other week, average 250 words/week (500 per session) .. already there
    • Green ... average 500 words/week for the big book all quarter ... this is very doable (need 555 words per week for the next 3 weeks)
    • Super Green ... average 1400 words/week for the big book all quarter


Ben added 569 words this week

Current stats

Introduction: 1346 words, plus a couple comments
Chapter 1: 942 words added during 3rd quarter 2010 (852 other words), plus a to-do note
Chapter 2: 1047 words added during 3rd quarter 2010 (485 other words)
Chapter 3: 719 words
Chapter 4: 779 words

Total for 3rd quarter 2010: 4833 words in the first 10 weeks, for an average of 483.3 words/week

Grand total: 6174 words


  • According to paganism: Fall equinox is about circling back and looking at past events and festivals
  • Shelley prefers to just do a service like we've been doing, but bringing The Destiny into it some more
  • Ben's parents and Chris said they'd come


  • Brandon ... fix the MediaWiki search ... by mid-October
  • Brandon ... add the creative commons by attribution-share alike license to SpaceWiki ... by next call
  • Brandon ... make first approach to SpaceX ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... set up the porch and clean house ... next Tuesday
  • Brandon & Shelley ... distribute paper invitations ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon & Ben ... book-writing party ... by Thursday night
  • Shelley ... work on the service ... Thursday
  • Shelley ... prepare food for the service ... next Monday
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