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Sending life is contributing to the Upward Spiral of life by giving life the ability to spread itself.


Like Bringing life, it is both a global endeavour and a personal or individual endeavour. It is expressing ideas about SolSeed. It is literally creating life forms capable of surviving in barren places and releasing them to establish themselves.

Individual Action

As an individual, you can send life by contributing to SolSeed:

  • Write about SolSeed and send those ideas out to others.
  • Donate to causes that protect life on Earth
  • Donate to causes that increase our Starfaring capacity
  • Donate to causes that mitigate suffering of any life form (human or not)
  • Provide support to anyone doing any of the above.

Global Action

As a civilization, we can bring life by:

  • creating life forms that can survive in harsh environments:
    • low pressure
    • vaccuum
    • dry environments
    • hot environments
    • cold environments
    • energetic environments
  • sending life to other worlds and establishing it there,
  • creating climate controlled greenhouses where plants can be artificially selected to live in ever harsher environments and where genetically engineered plants can be tested against intermediate environments,
  • creating life forms that can live in the less intensely bio-populated parts of the Earth and releasing them so that they can grow into forests in those places.


To send is to move something with moving yourself. Sending life is a spiritual concept so the movement can be physical locomotion or can be spiritual exploration.


On a global scale it is all forms of life from all of the six kingdoms of life; "Eubacteria, Archaebacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia." On an individual scale it power being used create beauty.

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