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Seed 2011 will be held here, at Serenity Lodge on Mt. Hood. Bring your snow boots!

Starting with Space and working back to Here and Now: What do we want for Community?

All of our SolSeed OpenSpace events have had a theme:

  • Seed 2009: What does it mean to Bring Life to each of us, to all of us, and to the entire Galaxy?
  • Sol 2009: Who are we? As Life, as individuals on a spiritual journey, and as members and friends of the SolSeed Movement?
  • The first Longest Night Festival: Who are we becoming? What are we doing next?

This year at Seed 2011 we'll be starting with Space and working back to here and now ... what do we want for community?

  • If you could build any living situation (community or otherwise) for yourself ... what would you build?
  • What would your community look like on Earth?
  • What if your community were a spaceship?
  • How can we live this vision here and now?
  • How can we support one another in living our values?


Serenity Lodge on Mount Hood, about 1 hour from Portland.

Check-in 3 pm on Friday, Feb 4; check-out 11 am on Monday, Feb 7

What to bring:

  • Must carry chains or snow tires. For current road conditions, try TripCheck
  • Snow clothes
  • Sleds, skis, and other snow gear
  • Swimming suit for the hot tub
  • SLIPPERS or warm socks, as the lodge is a shoe-free zone
  • Snacks for day trips or between meals (we'll provide 3 hearty vegetarian meals a day)
  • For kids -- sleeping bag and mat

The lodge sleeps 12 adults. We're hoping kids will think it's fun to bring their own sleeping bags and mats. Email Shelley with questions.

There are 6 (and only 6) spaces for cars available. No street parking. Please carpool (see Transportation below).

There are three phones, satellite internet and TV service, as well as DVDs, games, and puzzles.

Discounted lift tickets for Timberline are available. You will pay $44 for Adult and $35 for Youth. Email Shelley by January 16 to secure your tickets.

No pets. Sorry!


The official openspace event will run February 5, 6, and a half day on February 7, 2011. For more details see the schedule.

You are welcome to come up Friday, February 4. Check-in is 3 pm.


Free! If you need help with travel email Brandon, or post to the Seed 2011/Carpooling page if you want to carpool.

Space is limited to 12 adults and therefore this event is by invitation only.


We'll be cooking all our own food. Vegetarian and yummy! See Seed 2011/Food for more info.


Seed 2011 Opening Words


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