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A Seed is a container for storing Life until it is ready to germinate, grow, and develop into its mature form. All Life originates from some form of Seed. Speaking not-very-scientifically, spores, bacteria, eggs, including the fertilized egg that created you, could all be considered kinds of seeds because they all contain the necessary resources and information for Life to take hold and grow.

In purely scientific terms, seeds are small, embryonic plant life (see Wikipedia:Seed).

The SolSeedMovement asks us to consider the term more broadly, to contemplate Life in our solar system as a kind of Seed in storage. Each one of us constitutes an essential component of that Seed, necessary for Life to grow and mature throughout the universe.

This project of nurturing and protecting this SolSeed, then ultimately bringing it to other worlds where it can mature is the overarching goal of our organization. See TheDestiny

Seed Life Cycles

Sunlight & growth conditions > seed germination > growth > maturity > reproduction > transmission > the cycle repeats

Sunlight & growth conditions on earth > life takes hold > growth and evolution > maturity > reproduction of life forms > transmission by human beings to other worlds > the cycle repeats

Other Possible Life Scenareos

As we carry out our project of achieving TheDestiny we come into contact with other (alien) life forms.

In this case, we must consider SolSeed as one Seed among many in the universe, but one that is cherished and remarkable because it is our own.

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