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How your SPIRIT?

  • Where does it live?
  • How does it live?
  • Is it alive? Dying? Dead?
  • How can it stay alive?
  • How can it wake up?


Why this topic?

All my life there has been something there my entire life. Over time I became more aware of it and began to be able to put words to it. In 2008 I became aware that it is vital for all of us to find words for it.

My story is my story. Born in Switzerland. At 3yrs, sent away to orphanage for sick children (sister was sick, I was not). Impressed me ... saw many things. Mother left when 8 (schizophrenia). When I was 18 my body collapsed (they said I have MS). I left my country because of it. The most beautiful thing happened at 19 (when I couldn't see or get up and I had nothing but me). All I could do is sit with me. I became aware of my thoughts and I moved behind them. An I thought how ugly, how bad. When a thought came that was really dark I would grab it and turn it upside down. Make it happy and joyful. I've since learned that it is meditation, and a technique ... but I don't believe this ... I think it is in all of us. The spirit is something alive in me and I believe alive in all of us. There have been times when I faded where I wasn't really fully alive.

At this moment I would say my spirit is very alive ... I'm very clear. It was always there, then I learned that I have attributes and qualities. We all have it, but maybe we don't know. That is something that keeps my spirit strong and alive. Sometimes I call a friend and say "how strong and permanent you are ... that is all I wanted to say."

How do we relate to each other in life?

I am Swiss but I do live here. It is the most important time to get to know spirit.

Many times deep in myself there was a very clear voice "do this", or "you can think of this", or "try this" ... I call it my spirit guide. I know that I'm not weird or strange and that it is all around us.

My father went bankrupt twice and I say to him today "you are an amazing man".


Hard topic to talk about because I was raised a certain way "you don't have a spirit". But as I've gotten older there are things I don't understand. Computers don't really think ... just switches going off. How can we be a bunch of switches going off and on and have consciousness.

From scientific point of view the idea that there is something more is ridiculed. But science deals with things that can be measured physically.

I'm grappling with it because I think it is something outside the physical realm.


Regula, you mentioned hearing it like a voice. I don't know that I hear it like a voice, but I have something that moves me into action ... "somehow I'm alive now than I was a moment before"

Do you ever thank it?


What I wonder is ... I have always been a rebel. I have always been on the opposite end of scientific from some of those around ... feeling disrespected and disrespecting.

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