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Attracting and Caring for New Members - 15 mins (Shelley and Ben)

Not sure what it would take to get a table at a convention like (Comic-Con and WorldCon). Mark knows someone who goes to Comic-Con.


  • Community Networking
    • Find kindred researchers
      • Biologists
    • Find kindred communities
    • Organize Kindred 2010 (to bring together researchers and communities)
  • Membership building
    • Booths/Tables at kindred conferences
      • Comic-Con International (Comic Books and Pop Culture Convention)
      • WorldCon (The World Science Fiction Convention)
  • Literature-building
    • Video projects
    • Canon/"sacred texts"
    • Continue to develop the wiki

New folks:

  • Invite to call
  • Something on the front page about joining the movement ... link to information about this call
  • Get on the call even before they sign up (but conference calls only work well with a relatively small number of people, or a relatively large silent audience) ** Shelley: "I hope we have that problem some day"
  • "I'm interested" Form to collect their real-name, email, three bullets about why they are interested
  • Photos of real people on the front page ... prove we're not crazies
  • WhoAreWe ... group photo and link to some photos
  • Sol2009 ... attract and care for new members
    • Proposed time: July 4,5 and a half day on 6
  • Ongoing projects like with Water Partners International
  • Communicate with new members in some fashion ... seems like a good idea
    • Too weird to call them? ... I don't like to be called, I'd rather be called
    • 1 or 2 welcoming emails (from the welcoming committee)
    • If everyone sends email overwhelming (choose a location on wiki to coordinate)
  • Newsletter (e-mail) ... or print and mail
  • Small and in process of establishing culture ... maybe culture is one where we welcome people
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