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This session also included the Mary Mary Quite Contrary discussion.

Kim and online classes

  • Non-face-to-face teaching is not as high-quality
    • Body language and spontaneous interaction are lost
    • Higher attrition and failure rate
      • People who do these often do it because they lack the motivation to go to school
  • Goal: make students feel that they're involved in their education
  • Currently:
    • Students are only looking at a "blackboard"
      • Might start doing audio, but Kim isn't comfortable having video of herself
    • Students aren't required to be online at the same time; they can go to "class" anytime
      • One student is a soldier in Afghanistan
    • Students can ask each other questions or send anonymous questions to Kim
    • Students have to peer-review each other's papers
  • Debbie: There's always a dropout rate
    • Kim: Higher-level (community college) classes have higher dropout rates
    • "Working-class people often sabotage each other" because they don't want friends and coworkers to move ahead and leave, or "take more than their share"
      • Misattributed "Mandela" quote: "Our greatest fear is our own power"
        • Don't "play small" because you're afraid of making people uncomfortable
        • "Letting your light shine" encourages others to do the same
  • Preventing negative remarks about a group, another person, or yourself builds community in regular real-world classes
  • Thinking of each other as people:
    • Virtual students writing about themselves and responding to each others' writings helps
    • Even video of Kim talking that only shows a stuffed animal or puppet could help
      • Debbie did a lesson for "Plato" TV learning that had fun stuff in between segments
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