Psalm of Solstice

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Psalm of Solstice is the first song in the Hymnody of Earth, written by Malcolm Dalglish (although most of the lyrics in the Hymnody are by poet Wendell Berry). The song begins with beautiful a hammer-dulcimer solo evoking cold gusts of wind. The lyrics are sung first in Latin and then in English.

This song is Ben's favorite Winter Solstice song because it evokes both the season and the wonder of being "awakened by starlight," as we say in the SolSeedCreed.

English lyrics

Gazing out into the skies
on the eve of the longest night.
Here we dream with open eyes
on the eve of a holy night.
Choirs of stars, high in the air,
Shine like some amazing silent prayer.
The Earth is still and calm.
Everyone can hear the Psalm.


Ben put together this simple sheet music to help us sing the song at the Longest Night Masquerade. LongestNightMasquerade2015-Program4.png

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