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Functional "Bang for the Buck"

  • Two Lightbulbs Upstairs
  • Glue Rocket Fin Back On
  • Paint window seals in living room
  • Paint window seal in kitchen
  • Paint around the fire place
  • Touch up the living room paint
  • Make Office Usable
    • Get Comfortable Chair
    • Move Photo Printer to the Nook
    • Prune Filing Cabinets
    • Prune Books
    • Prune Closet
    • Brandon process and prune inboxes
    • Attach routers etc to wall
    • Attach several power strips to wall
    • Attach phone to wall
    • Install the new monitor
    • Install the old monitor for the linux box
  • Attach the downspouts
  • Prune the maple in the front yard

Safety Projects

  • Move Laundry Upstairs
    • Crib to Kristianne
  • New Stairs
  • Strap Down Foundation
  • Screws off Back of Kitchen Counters
  • Deck Railing
  • Sheetrock the pantry
  • Solicit expert opinion on buzzing light switches
  • Fix the power (microwave, toaster, etc)

Done Done Projects

  • Drapes/Blinds
  • Mounting Coat Hooks in Living Room
  • Mounting and Wiring 2 Extra Lights on Back Porch
  • Finish the Shelf
  • Finish the Sun Gate
  • Fix kitchen sink leak

Baby/Child Friendly

  • Put the gate up in the back yard

Good for SolSeed

  • The Sign
  • Bike Corral
  • Open up the downstairs

Gentle on the Earth

  • Seal The Front Door
  • Solarize the House
  • Rain barrels for gutters
  • Insulate downstairs
  • Seal all air leaks
  • Winterize windows


  • Paint the Front Door
  • Paint the Porch
  • Paint the house
  • Run power to the 3 Wise men (the rocks in the corner of the patio)
  • New kitchen cabinets
  • Level the gutters
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