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Peer Coaching Triads are a sort of mini-support group system invented by Ted, where participants take turns being the Coach, Client, and Observer. Each person will play each role once during a roughly one-hour-long meeting, which can be in person or via phone.

Description of roles

  • The Coach's job is to make the 7-to-12-minute session "all about the client" and try to ask questions that help the Client to help him/herself progress on whatever issue they wanted to talk about. (Sometimes the topic is a positive event in the Client's life, in which case the Coach's role becomes less clear.)
  • The Client's job is to be creative, resourceful, and whole, and to pick a topic that is the most important thing for him/her to talk about at the time of the call.
  • The Observer's job is to silently listen to the conversation and then give his/her opinions afterward about how well the Coach did, along with any suggestions for improvement.

Details from discussion at Sol 2009

  • Why use triads: Structure that allows you to be personal best and see if you need to create a new job for yourself
  • Details on roles:
    • The Coach should be in the Client's world, not using examples from the Coach's own experience, and listen for the client's values
    • The Observer should make sure the Coach is listening well and help him/her to improve
    • The Client chooses the most important thing for him/her to talk about for 15 minutes or so
    • 5 minutes of observations, then switch roles
  • The system arose out of AboutUs's desire to be a high-growth company while still being driven by all employees
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