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From the SolSeedCreed

Passion drives us.
Without Passion,
Empathy and Wisdom are impotent.

In the SolSeedCreed, Passion is regarded as the fundamental motive (or motor) that drives a person to act. Passion influences all that an individual does whether or not that individual acknowledges the influence. Our responsibility is not to stamp out, but to guide and direct Passion.

Because of its capacity to motivate great good or great evil, economic theory regards Passion as akin to a force of nature. Indeed, the analogy between Passion and a river is very close.

Be aware of the power of the river, but do not fear it. Fear of the river's power will tempt you to try and stamp it out. In failing you waste effort that otherwise could have been turned to good purposes. In succeeding your loss is even greater! Success compounds the wastes of failure with the destruction of a river whose power would have multiplied your ability to do good. Instead of attempting to thwart the river's inclination, use your Empathy and Wisdom to guide and redirect it. When properly directed, the river that would have flooded and destroyed instead powers and irrigates.

Passion (which we previously referred to as Self-Love) is a very individualistic thing; it mainly provides incentive to care for and nurture yourself, and to work toward your own personal goals and dreams (see also Identity). Empathy projects Passion onto others and provides incentive to care for and nurture them in the same way you wish to care for and nurture yourself. Without Passion, Empathy is hollow. If the Passion that is projected onto another isn't strong and healthy, then neither will the love for the other be strong and healthy.

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