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Patch standing in front of the SolSeed PrideMobile locked to a post outside the celebration at the end of the parade

Two members of SolSeed, Patrick and myself, Eric, attended Ottawa's Pride Parade on August 24th, 2014. Patrick marched with the Unitarians while I pedaled the SolSeed PrideMobile in loops beside and around them. We marched with the Unitarians because we are both members of the [ Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa]. The reason that I rode a bike was because I sprained my ankle yesterday working in the garden. Walking would have been painful. But bicycling added a lot of movement and interest to the otherwise poorly attended Unitarian banner.

The SolSeed PrideMobile was simple Eric's bike with three copies of a quickly created SolSeed Pride Poster attached to the milk crate on the back:

Close up of poster used to decorate the PrideMobile

I am proud to have shown support for LGBTQ+ rights while carrying both the SolSeed and Unitarian names. Accepting, in fact embracing, diversity is an important part of both philosophies.

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