October 4, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Work on OnePagePlan
  • SpaceWiki
  • Outreach ... including Earthseed.org, OryCon, and Newsletter
  • Ecovillage

Check In

  • Ben ... feeling tired and not all there at work today ... kind of sad coming back from a 3-day vacation where I felt really good and then dealing with all the uncertainty and trying to learn a bunch of stuff at once.
  • Shelley ... trying to finish putting the equanimity service up ... still having the same boring problem that my baby died ... quite present to me right now ... I get bored with having the problem ... kind of upset because people I hardly know give a donation in Rainier's name and I don't even get a card from my parents ... fault finding right now (not what I'd choose)
  • Brandon ... really really tired, and excited, and have short timer-itus at work (last day is October 15)
  • Sequoia ... is asleep ... he really likes OMSI!!!

WWWs from last time

  • Ben ... check whether Space Manufacturing has slots left ... by next call ... sent email but haven't heard back
  • Brandon and Shelley ... talk about whether Space Manufacturing is an okay plan
  • Brandon ... (conditional on the above decision) ... reach out to 4 or 5 potential SpaceWiki sponsors ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... initiate conversation with Paul about what to put on Earthseed.org
  • Shelley ... put the Equanimity service program on the wiki


4th Quarter Goals

  • Outreach:
    • Yellow:
      • About page on SpaceWiki includes the guy we got it from and SolSeed ... also have NewSpace 2010 featured as a sponsor (we promised that too and didn't do it)
      • Choose to be either a nonprofit or a church
      • Put out a newsletter every month
    • Green:
      • Go to one conference or convention
      • Get one more person contributing on the work-bee calls
    • Super Green:
      • Incorporate the nonprofit or church
      • Transfer Earthseed.org to the nonprofit or church
      • Get three more people contributing on the work-bee calls
  • Business:
    • Yellow: Business established
    • Green: Business is making actual money
    • Super Green: Business is making $9000/month
  • Spiritual Practice:
    • Yellow: Solstice celebration and UnConference
    • Green: Short service once a week that is for Shelley, Ben, and Brandon
    • Super Green: Initiate some sort of daily spiritual practice for BBS
  • Place:
    • Yellow: Advertise for the Eco-Village on Craig's list
    • Green: Have a meeting of people who respond to an ad about living in the eco-village
    • Super Green: Have the SolSeedVillage sign made and put up
  • Media:
    • Yellow:
      • Publish kid's book
      • Answer what the big book is for
    • Green: Draft of big book complete
    • Super Green: Publish big book


  • If possible, we will go to Space Manufacturing 14
    • We should know by tomorrow ... if so, Brandon will care for plane tickets and hotel


  • Try to do a session in the program instead of a booth
    • If we can't, then don't bother registering for anything other than maybe going there for fun


  • Thoughts from the EcoVillageTour on Saturday:
    • Things we like
      • Neighborliness ... a neat collection of homes where everyone can go anywhere and borrow stuff
      • Nicely finished living spaces
      • Rarity of governance meetings
      • Selecting for emotional maturity and people not on drugs
    • Things we don't like
      • Permanent construction sites
      • Nickel-and-diming people on their work hours


  • Ben ... call Space Studies Institute ... by tomorrow
  • Ben ... have at least an outline of the September newsletter ... by next call
  • Ben ... finish vector-graphic version of SpaceWiki logo ... by next call
  • Brandon ... reach out to 4 or 5 potential SpaceWiki sponsors ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... fix the MediaWiki search ... by mid-October
  • Brandon ... work on agenda for next call ... before next call
  • Ben and Brandon ... send at least one email each about content for Earthseed.org ... by next call
  • Shelley ... send handwritten thank-you note to Molly ... by tonight

Closing Words

EquinoxCelebration Reader's Theater, after the pause

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