October 26, 2009: Online Work Bee

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Planning Game

  • Talk about possible reactions of folks feeling pushed out
    • Policy of making people feel like when they leave the organization people should feel cared for
    • We don't hate them for leaving
    • We're fully supportive of their choice
    • If they feel some angst about the situation, just be caring and make clear that we don't want to push them away
      • But don't use the phrase "We can still be friends!"
    • If they feel like there is something we did wrong that made them leave, then we should compensate them for that somehow
    • Once we become a society people who leave may need to relearn how to live in regular society, and we can help with that

Next Time

  • Orycon31 ... work on it
  • Create scorecard for architects
  • Plan the December event -- Winter Solstice Event (brainstorm name)
  • Work on the first three chapters of the book

Next Steps

  • Brandon gets images to Ben by Tuesday Evening
  • Ben has draft of buildings for video by next Monday
  • Ben to get Brandon in touch with Lewis's parents by next Monday
  • Shelley ... finish plan for next year cons by next Monday
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