October 25, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Business ... report and Next Steps
  • EcoVillage ... report about meeting with Jason and Next Steps
  • SpaceVisions ... report and Next Steps
  • Spiritual Practice ... assign person for next service
  • Church or NonProfit question

Check In

  • Shelley ... puking, feverish, in bed
  • Sequoia ... was puking ... now feeling better
  • Brandon ... soon to be puking ... starting to feel sick ... excited about business opportunity
  • Ben ... feeling kind of nauseous himself (and headachey) ... hope he didn't catch virus through skype last night :-)

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... fix MediaWiki search ... by next call
  • Brandon ... prepare service for next week ... by Sunday
  • Brandon ... Contact SEDS about having SpaceWiki at SpaceVision 2010 ... by next call
  • Ben ... type in notes from eco-village tour ... by next call
  • Ben ... add picture(s) to newsletter and send it out ... by next call


  • Consensus Poll for MMT
  • Not incorporating right away, but SolSeed Consensus Consulting would be a good business name


  • Met with Jason, architect who did Pocket House PDX
    • Really liked him
    • Should have him and his wife over for dinner the next time Ben is in Portland, so the three of us can decide if he's the right fit
  • Would like to do some low-grade movement toward a master plan for the eco-village
    • Est. $4-5000 to get inspiring concept plans drawn up


  • They're discussing us tonight
    • We think we can get centrally located spots
    • We don't get to be on the sponsor list
    • We're committed to say yes if they do
  • Ryan can commit to 40 caricatures by middle of Saturday ... all others will have to be done after the event
  • Travel from/to Portland (next Thursday night and Sunday evening) is $550, lodging $300

Spiritual Practice

  • Shelley will do service next week
  • Ben will do the one after that, whenever it turns out to be

Church or NonProfit

  • How does Ben feel about this question?
    • I feel like it's good to have meaning in one's life, and religions are about that.
    • Not like I'm about to join anything that makes meaning from the supernatural.
    • It worries me that we might end up focusing too much on meditative enlightenment and the quest to find pure observership (spiritual narcissism?).
    • I would be fine with having a church as long as I was allowed to be qualificationalist enough about it. Something like:
      • We're like the Unitarian Universalists in that we don't make specific statements about a God or gods or anything supernatural. We welcome people with almost any kind of faith, though we discourage magical thinking and we won't take people who are opposed to science. The key criterion, instead, is whether people are inspired by the epic story of life thriving, growing, and spreading across the galaxy.
      • We encourage all members to pledge a significant portion of themselves and their resources to bringing life. This pledge does not say anything about which organizations and activities they should support (including SolSeed itself). We encourage each member to be an informed donor, and choose carefully where they put their time, effort, and money; we hope to be worthy of these contributions, and membership is the best way to find out if you believe we are.
  • Names (and subtitles)
    • SolSeed, SolSeedism ... SolSeedists, Seedists, Solars, Shapers
    • Seeds of Gaia ... Seeds
    • Bringing Life ... Lifebringers, bringers
    • Lifeism ... lifeists
    • Starfaring ... starfarers
    • Friends of Life
    • Earthseed ... shapers, earthseeds
    • Astro-Paganism ... Astro Pagans
    • Space UUs
    • Don't call it something that makes it sound like it encompasses the whole SolSeed Movement ... which is bigger than the three of us
    • Put something below the name to reassure people? (ex. "a branch of the religion of science" or "part of the church of reality")
  • A church can:
    • be more choosy about who's "in" than a nonprofit
      • but that's only if we're talking about the nonprofit's "members" who just get the fundraising mail; we can be very choosy about who we hire onto the staff
    • be more central to people's lives, as it is to Brandon's life
    • be a certain type of educational institution, with a set of values to teach that then certify students to teach those values themselves
      • but if we teach kids, is that a biased education?
    • serve as a filter so we don't have a bunch of people signing up who really only want to make a surface/ephemeral commitment
  • But a church can also:
    • be a revolting idea to lots of people interested in space (even those who feel that looking at Earth from space is a quasi-spiritual experience)
    • make people who've read the "SolSeed is not a religion" statements on the wiki feel betrayed
    • make it difficult for us to get respect for our other organizations ... tainting our businesses and nonprofits
  • In any case, it will take awhile to develop a fully coherent set of beliefs, so found the business and nonprofit first


  • Brandon ... let Ben know about the SpaceVision people's decision ... by Tuesday
  • Brandon ... contact Jason about getting together for food some time in the next 3 months ... start coordinating with Shelley and Ben ... by Tuesday
  • Brandon ... fix MediaWiki search ... by next call
  • Brandon ... get together portraits/logos/company etc for sponsors and program committee ... by Thursday
  • Ben ... finish the banner (vector-graphics version of logo) ... by next call
  • Ben and Brandon ... write articles about the SpaceVision sponsors ... by next Thursday
  • Shelley ... prepare next service ... by Sunday
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