October 2010 Newsletter

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The days are getting shorter, but we're not slowing down! In fact there are lots of exciting plans for the fourth quarter, but first let's look at the past month:

  • We renewed a connection with Paul Burney, a starfarer from Maine who owns the webpage at Earthseed.org (check it out).
  • The eco-village tour: Molly took us to five fascinating eco-village/cohousing sites across East Portland. For details, check out the wiki page.
  • The Equinox Celebration went well, with deep thoughts, a fun story, and good food. Also, we are now meeting briefly each week to build tradition and strengthen our commitment to Life and The Destiny. Ping Shelley@SolSeed.org if you'd like to participate, in person or by webcam.
Homes at Share-It Square.JPG

Big plans for 4th quarter:

  • Finish the books!
  • Incorporate a business and maybe a nonprofit (or church?)
  • Find and interview potential SolSeed Eco-Village members
  • Big Solstice celebration and unconference
  • Recruit more people to help work on all this great stuff!

Thanks for reading!
Ben Sibelman

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