October 19, 2009: Online Work Bee

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Planning Game

  • Plan Orycon31
  • Report on the site for the SolSeed village
  • Work on the first three chapters of the book
  • Plan the next business meeting -- Next Monday same time same place
  • Change the Quarterly Goals

Next Time

  • Work on the video
  • Brainstorm conferences to attend
  • Discuss sites and architects for the village
  • Talk about possible reactions of folks feeling pushed out
  • Plan the December event -- Winter Solstice Event (brainstorm name)


Next Steps due 10/26/09

  • Brandon can work on banner, "Solseed.org: Bringing Life even unto the galaxy"
  • Shelley create slideshow of photos of fun/bring life
  • Ben create a pledge form (email signup + idea for pledge) by next week ... business card

Later Steps

  • tri-fold
  • Not printing a poster (discuss later)
  • Bob and Brandon work on lifeship
  • Shelley research whether chairs/table from home allowed at OryCon; research whether it has a wall
  • Ben can design a trifold w/ input from Brandon and Shelley


  • Bring Life (definition please?)
    • Pictures of the events we've had so far ... exemplars
    • Possibly also nonprofits we'd like to hook up with? Water.org, etc.
  • Fun
    • Pictures of events again
  • Possibility ... be part of an SF epic yourself
    • Life-ship = good illustration
    • Video also, if we have it
  • We're like a cross between hippies and technophiles! (Life is Precious --> Destiny amongst the stars)
    • Ditto
  • Open Source/Wiki ... We change
    • And if we're saying "religion," we also say "Wiki-religion!"
  • We are a nascent society (industry, religion, social)
      • Ultimate concern, poetry, liturgy, hymns, a way of life, ethical principles
  • You can be a:
    • Friend
    • Admirer
    • Adherent
    • Practitioner
  • We are serious about space/The Destiny
    • But at the same time, we are about more than just becoming space entrepreneurs
    • Clean water, etc.


  • Have Fun
  • Recruit 10 new SolSeed members ... have contact info and pledge of support
    • Money, time, words for the wiki, etc ... whatever they come up with
    • Give each one a copy of Parable of the Sower? T-shirt? Other swag?
  • Recruit 10 new Friends of SolSeed ... have contact info and permission to send newsletters

Stuff to bring

  • Video (?)
  • LifeShip Model
  • Architectural Sketches of the SolSeed Village
  • One Page Plan ... glossy
  • 10 to 20 copies of Parable of the Sower (to show? give away? sell?)
  • Banner
  • Ben's poster
  • Pledge webpage/paper page -- say how they're going to help (edit wiki, volunteer, give money)
  • T-shirts
  • Table cloth
  • Photos of our fun events (trash pickup on Oregon Coast, trash pickup in Washington Park, Seed 2009, Sol 2009) -- maybe playing as a screensaver on a laptop, maybe as a backdrop
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