October 18, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Outreach ... newsletter ... M&M
  • Spiritual Practice ... assign person for next service
  • Conferences ... look at for goal

Check In

  • Shelley ... really tired, but had a nice day
  • Brandon ... had first self-employed day ... fun, but didn't accomplish goal for the day, so also frustrating
  • Ben ... Bioneers was awesome as usual ... and also overwhelming ... makes me unable to think straight
  • Sequoia ... asleep ... learned a new word today, "m-bah" (Roomba)

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... add the stuff we promised to add to the SpaceWiki main page ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... send the OryCon session blurb to Gus and Andrew ... by tomorrow (didn't do this because it's probably not happening)
  • Brandon ... fix MediaWiki search ... by mid-October (worked on it today but didn't finish)
  • Ben ... send the OryCon blurb to OryCon's Programming people ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon & Shelley ... prepare for the phone service ... by Sunday
  • Brandon & Shelley ... work on the agenda for next call ... by next call



The days are getting shorter, but we're not slowing down! In fact there are lots of plans for the fourth quarter, but first let's look at the past month:

  • We renewed a connection with Paul Burney, a starfarer from Maine who owns the webpage at Earthseed.org (check it out).
  • The eco-village tour: Molly took us to five fascinating eco-village/cohousing sites across East Portland. For details, check out the wiki page.
  • The Equinox Celebration went well, with deep thoughts, a fun story, and good food. Also, we are now meeting briefly each week to build tradition and strengthen our commitment to Life and The Destiny. Ping Shelley@SolSeed.org if you'd like to participate, in person or by webcam.
  • Books: Kevin finished lettering the children's book! Also, we met our 3rd-quarter goal for progress on the bigger book, which has reached a total of 7,874 words.

Big plans for 4th quarter:

  • Finish the books!
  • Incorporate a business and maybe a nonprofit (or church?)
  • Find and interview potential eco-village members
  • Big Solstice celebration and unconference
  • Recruit more people to help work on all this great stuff!

Matthew and Molly

  • Probably won't be coming to live at the SolSeedVillage
  • Will be coming to an in-person work bee with Brandon, starting next week, where they can motivate each other in their various projects



  • Brandon ... fix MediaWiki search ... by next call
  • Brandon ... prepare service for next week ... by Sunday
  • Brandon ... Contact SEDS about having SpaceWiki at SpaceVision 2010 ... by next call
  • Ben ... type in notes from eco-village tour ... by next call
  • Ben ... add picture(s) to newsletter and send it out ... by next call
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