November 5, 2017: Business Call and Work Bee

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  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Review WWWs
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Year Plan
    • Winter Solstice
  • Work Bee
    • Ben: Newsletter
    • Brandon: SolSeed Creed revisions
    • Eric: Gaia prayer
  • Evaluations
  • Closing Blessing

Next business call

  • New Videos
  • Strategic Planning


  • Brandon: I've got some energy for Gaia's People
  • Ben: The protest was too small. But at least there was no violence.
  • Eric: I’m glad you’re safe (Brandon: me too). Not much is happening in my life.

Opening Blessing

They come together and they do work on these computer things, and I don't see how the work connects to anything important. Sometimes, neither do they. But they have faith that the work, because it pushes in the right direction, will lead to good things. And I have faith in them because I am a dog. --Blessed Be

WW(W)s from last time

  • Brandon … Find and add my new ideas for the Creed to the wiki … by next call
  • Brandon ... Consider writing a blog post about our family’s thoughts on scouting journey
  • Brandon … Talk to Shelley about the Longest Night Festival … by next call
  • Brandon … Check in with Shelley about trip photos again
  • Ben … find and add my new ideas for the Creed to the wiki … by today
  • Ben … work on a wiki page for the gathering in Canada … by next call


  • Ben … work on a wiki page for the gathering in Canada … by next call
  • Brandon … Check in with Shelley about trip photos again
  • Brandon … Talk to Shelley about the Longest Night Festival … by tomorrow
  • Eric … Don’t forget to be awesome … ongoing
  • Eric … Block out time to meditate with Brandon and text him with which days will work … by tomorrow

Weekly Events Logistics

Service rotation: Eric, Ben, Brandon, Rico, Shelley
  • Nov 11 Service: 8:30 AM PDT / 11:30 EDT … Eric (or Rico?)
  • Nov 12 Business Call: 8:30 AM PDT / 11:30 EDT

Year Plan

Winter Solstice

Thursday, December 21, 8:28 AM PST / 11:28 EST

  • Shelley will be on the wards again … Brandon will talk with her about scheduling etc
  • Build space elevator climbers?
  • Holly King/Queen play


Fall 2017 Gaia's People Newsletter

You may notice something a little different about the heading above. It's an early step in a trial "rebranding" effort, to see how we feel about centralizing our focus on the Gaia metaphor and on working in the present day toward a more harmonious Earth. Will reducing our emphasis on a wondrous starfaring future make us less excited about our work? Will it make us more dedicated to helping to build a future where humans act as though we belong to the Earth rather than vice versa? Will it attract others who share our curious mix of commitment to scientific realism with attraction to the Gaia metaphor and religious ritual, or only people who literally believe in a supernatural Earth goddess? Only time will tell.

Where did this idea come from? Well, it's actually been brewing for years in our very modest recruitment efforts on, but the big boost came when Eric decided to build his own Gaia statue and install it on top of the highest hill at Buckleberry. The rest of us quickly realized that this would be a pivotal event in SolSeed history and committed to joining him on the Fall Equinox for a dedication ceremony. With a freer schedule, I was able to arrive in Ottawa/Gatineau a week early, giving Eric a chance to show me around the area and take me out to his Greycliff cottage for some kayaking. When the Sanders arrived, we were ready with spray-paint stencils that we used during the dedication ceremony to populate Gaia's body with animals, plants, fungi, protists, bacteria, and even a virus. The next day, we returned to the hilltop to celebrate the changing seasons with three sabbath rituals (including Genesis to cement the importance of this new beginning) and a performance of the old classic, Drumming the Eons.

The event also marked the beginning of a new experiment for the Sanders family, as Shelley brought us a fun and educational tree-identification activity that would earn us the first-ever Gaia Scouts badge. The Sanders plan to make scouting a key new part of their children's lives, whether through our own efforts or by joining an existing scouting program such as SpiralScouts. [More here from Brandon]

Now, all this focus on Gaia may sound like we're abandoning the shiny half of our shiny green ethos/aesthetic, but you wouldn't know it from looking at Brandon and Ted's Concerning AI podcast. They've been continuing to post about three new episodes a month dedicated to exploring both the dangers and the possibilities opened by the possible near-future evolution of superintelligent machines. In August, they did an episode referencing Eric's Gaia stories, exploring the parallels between his worlds ruled by sapient forests and the equally inhuman AIs that might come to rule the Earth. And in September, the podcast reached a new level when Brandon and Ted got to interview novelist Rob Reid, who recently came out with a new book about the Singularity.

Stay tuned for more updates about what it means to be Gaia's People!


  • Brandon: I'm enjoying this so much!
  • Eric: I love writing prayers … this time I actually wrote an Ares prayer
  • Ben: I am considering actually using the new video editing experience I helped build to document our Fall Equinox celebration; but it might be a lot of effort.

Closing Blessing

It sure is nice to lie on Ben’s lap while he and his friends do whatever it is that they are doing. I hope that it will lead to a better world with more cuddling and food. But meanwhile the present moment is nice enough. I hope that they keep that in mind as well. -- Blessed Be

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