November 4, 2018: Business Call

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  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Review WWWs
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Review Agenda
  • Micro Work Bee
    • Eric: Gaia story for Samhain
    • Ben: Newsletter
  • Foundation on a Budget
  • Who are we
  • Evaluations
  • Closing Blessing

Next business call

  • Viventibus Galaxia
  • SolSeed Creed
  • New Videos


  • Ben … I’m beating myself up for not doing anything for either SolSeed or the election in the past week
  • Eric … I’m drilling a hole in the wall of my house in Gatineau (Auberge Pair-of-Dogs) for the new EV charger
  • Shawn … I really need to catch up on work for the class I’m taking … I got my car so I can go to Windward this afternoon and get the methanol

Opening Blessing

The world is going electric. Let us charge our batteries by working together on participating in the betterment of the world. --Blessed Be


Personal WWWs from last time

  • Eric: Keep moving forward on the houses
  • Ben: Write 3 pages of my novel (or at least some)

Group WWWs from last time

  • Eric: Communicate with Brandon about the wiki
  • Eric and Ben: Find out what Shawn thinks of the name "Gaia Vision Fellowship" … by next week
  • Eric: Request afternoon off on 2018-12-21.
  • Eric: Contact Hans re Samhain celebration.
  • Eric: Talk to Michelle about Seattle in March.
  • Ben: Contact Brandon and Shelley about the newsletter
  • Ben: Contact Shawn about whether he'd like to get together in Portland for the Samhain celebration
  • Ben: Start drafting the newsletter

Group WWWs

  • Ben: Draft the newsletter
  • Ben: Copy the notes to the wiki

Weekly Events Logistics

Samhain: Tuesday 11/6 at 3:45 PM PST / 18:45 EST … Eric
Service rotation: Eric, Shawn, Ben
  • November 10th Service: 10 AM PST / 13:00 EST … Shawn
  • November 11th Business Call: 9:45 AM PST / 12:45 EST, on Skype


SolSeed / Gaia Vision Fellowship Summer/Fall Newsletter

Yes, we’re experimenting with our name again. We’re experimenting with a lot of things, because our movement has just changed drastically. It all started at our first Open Space event since 2016, the Resilient Communities Mini-Unconference...

  • Topics
    • Resilient Communities mini-unconference
    • The Schism
    • Habitica, including the novel and EV stuff?
    • Update from the Sanders

Foundation on a Budget

  • Restaurant and bar which is also a meeting place for community
    • A community institution that is resilient to collapse
    • Food and drink would be simple, comfort food, drawn from less perishable supplies
      • Pizza using old-fashioned wheels of parmesan cheese preserved in wax
      • Maybe also insect-based food...
    • Possible name: Disaster Recovery, Community Continuity
      • Discounts for emergency responders, members of the NET teams. etc
      • Have NET teams hold meetings there?
    • Make it attractive as a place (atmosphere, activities) but not necessarily focused on quality of food experience
      • Show disaster movies on a TV in a corner
    • On-site resilient information technology architecture
      • Backup server with a copy of Wikipedia etc
      • Wide area wifi
      • Radio antenna and ham radio equipment)
      • Local power sources: onsite biofuel generators, solar, micro-hydro, Sterling engines
    • Location: somewhere between the city center and the outlying suburbs

Who are we?

  • Shawn: We’ve invested a lot in the Gaia metaphor, it would be very hard to de-emphasize at this point
  • Pantheon of metaphorical deities
    • Future children of Gaia, e.g. Ares
    • Sofia, the goddess of wisdom
    • Jesus (Eric is working on a second prayer involving him)
    • God of Change
    • Ben would like to add demigods like Cascadia
    • Shawn would like to write about “the God of the Gaps,” inspiring curiosity to expand what we know, which creates new questions/gaps

Closing Blessing

The fellowship has reunited! The electric joy of our synergy is giving us new charge to re-energize our work… May we continue to combine our ideas and our motivation to be something greater than any of us can be alone. May we bring Life! --Blessed Be


  • Ben: It’s good to see Shawn’s face… super excited about getting things going again, it’s felt very slow while you’ve been gone.
  • Shawn: I felt very disconnected and distracted. It’s been very good to get back and see you guys again and direct my thoughts toward what are trying to do and looking forward to seeing you again in person, Ben.
  • Eric: I do feel re-energized, and not just by my Level 2 chargers for my new Hyundai Ionic that are coming online.
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