November 23, 2014: Online Work Bee

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  • Check in
  • Review WWWs
  • Daily Practice/Metrics
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Review Agenda
  • Gaia’s Heartbeat experiment
  • Solstice
  • SolSeed Village
  • Evaluation

Next time

  • Bioneers report
  • Kindred Map
  • Evaluating Holacracy

Check-in (gratinews)

  • Brandon ... I'm going to be in and out a bit
  • Ben … Um I had a fun if truncated session of hanging out with fellow world builders ... and High Frontier got funded … Woo Hoo … But now I have to pay them ...
  • Eric … I enjoyed the Atheopaganism Sunday afternoon chat, I think I convinced Mark Green to do green fire like on our viventibus galaxia plates (except that he will do it on a dragon)

WW(W)s from last time

Organize the WWWs by person and then due date. We’ll start checking in on topical community protocol and meditation for each mini-period between workbees.

Holacracy founder Brian Robertson says these are bad:

  • Ben ... follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Ben ... meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Ben … support the High Frontier Kickstarter … by tonight
  • Ben … spread the word some more about the High Frontier Kickstarter … by tonight
  • Ben … post to the Hieroglyph forums … by next call
  • Ben … update the Kindred page to include Hieroglyph and Bioneers … by next call
  • Ben … look into publishing options for my Interstellar article, like BoingBoing and the Space Reddit … by next call
  • Ben … post my article (or a summary & link) to … after Brandon reviews it
  • Eric ... follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Eric ... meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Brandon ... follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Brandon ... meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Brandon … reserve hotel room for Pantheacon … ASAP
  • Brandon … feedback on the Interstellar essay … ASAP


  • Ben ... follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Ben ... meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Ben … transfer the notes to the wiki … by Monday
  • Ben … post my article (or a summary & link) to … by next call
  • Brandon ... follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Brandon ... meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Brandon … work with Shelley on a Winter Solstice Masquerade invitation and send it out … by Wednesday
  • Brandon … finish a draft of “What will Earth’s children really look like?” … We are not children of Mother Earth
  • Brandon … work on the Winter Solstice event page on the wiki … by next Sunday
  • Brandon … invite Jude to the next service call … by next Sunday
  • Brandon … email response to Bart about experiment … by Monday
  • Brandon … do more research into past experiments similar to what we want to do with Gaia's Heartbeat … by next Sunday
  • Eric ... follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Eric ... meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Eric … read last attempt at Village documents including Vision Workshop and SolSeedVillage#Governance Draft … by next call

Daily Practice (from Sunday to Sunday)

2014-11-16 to 2014-11-23: 6+5+34=45 checkmarks

Metrics (from Sunday to Sunday)

1 … articles published (blog, etc)
1 … net signups to the newsletter for the week (94 total)
0 … conversants from signup (people we are talking or emailing with)
0 … bios added to the wiki by conversants
2+1+5=8 … topical community touches
45 … daily practice checkmarks for the week

Weekly Events Logistics


Service rotation: Eric, Shelley, Brandon, Ben
  • November 29 Service: 9:00 AM PDT, 12:00 EST (Brandon)
  • November 30 Work-Bee: 4:00 PM PST, 19:00 EST


  • November 27 Work-Bee: canceled due to American Thanksgiving

Gaia’s Heartbeat experiment

Very timely, perhaps. I am planning to show "Gaia's Heartbeat" to a group of faculty at my university next month. Let me know if this can be fit in with the experiment in some way.
Bart Everson
Editor B

What to measure?

  • Carbon footprint?
  • Self-reporting of how often people contribute to environmental groups or attend events?
  • Eric: Just ask for one donation at the end of the experiment
    • Ben: To a well-known organization like WWF
    • Brandon: Or a rainforest protection group

What are the groups?

  • Brandon: Control group of people watching a different video unrelated to environmentalism?
    • Eric: Or a video that's very cerebral but says the same thing
      • Ben: You could use that tool where you type in lines and they're recited in a computer-synthesized voice by blocky 3D characters
  • Groups that watch the video different numbers of times?

Brandon: There must be papers published on how to motivate action for the greater good … I want to create an experiment that ties into existing lines of research

Winter Solstice

Brandon: I want to synthesize the Pagan Wheel of the Year with the SolSeed Cosmic Calendar

  • Brandon is going to dress up as "Father Greenfire the Holly King"
  • Shelley is going to dress up as “Mother Star the Holly Queen”
  • Sequoia is going to dress up as “Kid universe”
  • Ren is going to dress up as “Baby sun”
  • What's your costume going to be, Ben?

Shelley's problem: Paganism has some degree of social support and instruction for how to do it (Christianity has a lot), but our Cosmic Calendar has almost none

  • How to care for her elephant?
    • Just add small SolSeed elements and focus mainly on the Pagan stuff this year
    • Make sure the program isn't too long for the kids
  • Maybe SolSeed's story needs to be more mythic
    • Closer to human scale?

Eric's celebration will include rockets and might as well include the Viventibus Galaxia plate too

Seed Village

Eric is tired of working in his Canadian government job and is considering making a life change that goes all the way to where he wants to be. This includes living in an intentional community. And he wants to work on SolSeed-related things. Ideally it would be a SolSeed intentional community. So Eric is reigniting the idea of creating a SolSeed village.

Ben wonders what Michelle thinks of all this?

Eric: Michelle was pretty much assuming that eventually we will be ending up in Portland. Not just me talking about SolSeed but also telling how wonderful Portland was when Patrick and I visited. When she said that I was like “well, how can I not aim for Portland once I’ve got that support?”

Brandon: I talked to Shelley about it and she's good with the idea of making another attempt as serious as the backyard-cottage-for-Ben effort

Eric: To make this work we need to know what our requirements are. By saying this I am asking people to change their lives as well. So, to what degree are the participants willing to change their lives. What is something they want from this, and what is something they are not willing to give to this.

Ben: You should read through our documents from the last attempt to start with

Eric: Sure, and figure out how much of them still apply

Brandon: Shelley suggested a basement apartment for the Saumurs and a tiny house on wheels for Ben

Eric: Michelle may not be happy with living in a basement

Ben: Could we move to some other building in Portland more appropriate to the desired scale?

Brandon: There has to be an escape route, a plan for how to end the project that doesn't cause anyone severe hardship. This affects how much we should be willing to extend ourselves, e.g. financially

Ben: Also talking about extending yourself socially. Cost of moving to a new place, maybe a new neighborhood? How many shared meals, how much shared chores?

Brandon: Start with lower-commitment ways of living together that lead to higher-commitment ones

Eric: I would rather do this without borrowing money. If I sell this house I'll have a significant chunk of cash, and quitting the government also gives me a payout. What are housing costs like in Portland?

Brandon: In Portland they've recovered to about where they were in 2008. The suburbs are much more expensive. Eric, what are you looking for? Describe a good week in your desired new life.

Eric: I’m looking for the feeling at the end of the day that the effort I’ve made I know what it is going toward and it’s something that I want it toward (aligned with my values). Currently I’m two steps removed from the mission of the organization I’m with. I can’t see what the organization is doing in a specific way. I would love for what I’m doing to be less intellectual and more hands-on (but that isn’t as critical). Whether we’re manufacturing rockets, or growing food, or breeding plants … those would all be awesome, top of the line kinds of things. If I was working on an awesome piece of software to raise money for SolSeed that would also be good and I would be perfectly happy.

Brandon: We live in a family neighborhood with good access to public transportation. For example, there's also housing around Forest Park that feels almost like it's out in the wilderness, but doesn't have as good access to public transit and downtown. There are also riverfront neighborhoods. Any preferences?

Eric: What I like about my current home is that I can bike to the city trail network and then get just about anywhere I need to go. I can imagine living anywhere in the parts of Portland where bikes are welcomed. As for "wilderness-feeling" house locations, my parents tried that and it got somewhat ruined by urban sprawl.


  • Eric … I am less frightened.
  • Brandon … I'm excited
  • Ben … I am also excited after doing all this cool stuff, but I am worried that it going to get like it was a few years ago when we were trying to do too many things at once (when we had all that stuff on the one page quarterly plan and most of it didn't get done).
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