November 2, 2009: Online Work Bee

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  • Ben: Has rough versions of SolSeedVillage images
    • Will upload them for Brandon to look at later
  • Brandon: Has worked on the banner designs for OryCon
    • "SolSeed" with Blue Marble and sun
    • "Bringing Life" with village, water project, environmental concepts
    • "Even Unto the Galaxy" with life-ship
    • Still needs permission to use sci-fi artists' images


  • Goal: Introduce SolSeed to wider public, especially people with a natural affinity for starfaring, without looking crazy/scary
  • Ways people can get involved:

Scorecard for Architects

  • How do we want to build it?
    • LEED Platinum is one criterion
      • Or if we want to be really ambitious, "Living buildings?"
    • Sustainability in general
    • Retro-futuristic/technologically exuberant design (for half the village?)
    • Organic and natural look (for other half?)
  • What should the architects be like?
    • Architecture firm needs to be small enough that we matter to them
    • Should have done green building before
    • Shouldn't be scared off by our ambition
  • What do we want to build
    • Workshops
    • Meeting spaces
      • Sanctuary (more spiritually oriented)
      • Fellowship hall? Multipurpose room? (more prosaic/work-oriented)
    • Living space
      • Some cohousing
      • Some dorm-style spaces for people who are volunteering for room and board
    • Gardens
      • Mainly food-producing
    • Wastewater/runoff reclamation
    • Outdoor meeting area/plaza
      • Including place for big bonfires

Solstice event

  • Name brainstorming
    • Winterseed
    • Winter Solstice
    • Longest Night Festival (Sounds good!)

Next steps

Agenda for next time

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