May 31, 2020: Business Call

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  • Work bee
  • Check in
  • Review WWWs
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Year Plan
  • Review Agenda
  • Schedule Regular Meeting with Star Community
  • Evaluations
  • Closing Blessing

Future business calls

  • Read Aloud ‘Flight in a Cage’
  • Gaia Vision Web Presence
  • SolSeed Creed
  • Quick look at partial draft sigil
  • Viventibus Galaxia
  • Shawn Windward report
  • Philosophy
    • Hypotheses about smaller superorganisms
  • Habitica
  • Adding a liturgical season


  • Eric: My muscles are pleasantly burning from a lot of outdoor work today. I am feeling oddly pleased with the idea that Dragon docked with the ISS on my brother's birthday, because he was a space nerd.
  • Lion: I am in between multiple places; I am working on a database very vigorously. I have had numerous conversations about race conversation and writing. I feel like the race conversation has chilled the house. I feel the weight of it in the space. It was symbolic for me that there were buildings burning and SpaceX coming at the same time. I am excited about the spiritual quest and about the men's group conversation we just had. So much promise and hope and so much fear and despair. And I have to get my program written and out.
  • Ben: I have been in the North West Intentional Communities Spring Gathering all day on Zoom. And now I have two more meetings before I can get free of screen. I hope I don’t get too irritable because of the surplus of screen time.

Opening Blessing

The world is a big and complex place. There are so many contradictory things happening in it at the same time. We can't help but feel very complex emotions as we are faced with the many aspects of this world. There was a time when the world was only big, and so the complexity of it was difficult to detect for individuals, but now the world is also small, made small by powerful communication and transportation, and so all this complexity is flowing into us all the time. May we find ways to sit with all this complexity that foster our growth and do not crush our spirits. --Blessed Be

WWWs from last time



  • Lion: Call Sylvan about events in Green Lake Park … tonight
  • Lion and Ben: Talk to Jack, Rea, and Gwen about mustering the forces for the Yay Life Tri … by day after tomorrow
  • Lion: Talk to Gavin about the monthly meetings
  • Ben: Talk to Manos about the monthly meetings
  • Eric: Map out the distances

Weekly Events Logistics

Service rotation Ben, Eric
  • June 6th Service: 9:45 AM PDT / 12:45 EDT … Ben
  • June 7th Business Call: 5:00 PM PDT / 20:00 EDT
  • June 13th Service: 9:45 AM PDT / 12:45 EDT … Eric
  • June 14th Business Call: 5:00 PM PDT / 20:00 EDT (Eric’s birthday: Happy Birthday to me!)

Year plan

Summer Solstice

Saturday June 20th at 17:43 EDT, 2:43 PM PDT

  • We can celebrate at the moment of solstice!
  • Maybe talk with Gwen about celebration in Star Community
  • Double service of course
  • Triathlon: 200 meters swimming, 370 meters running, whatever length of biking you want
    • Lion: what if people dressed up as different branches of the tree of life? At least draw on our faces or carry a symbolic object
    • Lion: post signs about which era we're going through
  • Strawberries with chocolate afterward
  • Maybe call it the Yay Life Amphibious Parade
  • Eric will probably do it at the cottage with just Michelle and Patrick

Schedule Regular Meeting with Star Community

  • Lion: once a month, 3 hours at a time
  • Key philosophical questions that motivate, inspire, and challenge SolSeed
  • Ben: Tuesday evenings?
    • Eric: I can't go past 11 PM (8 PM PT)
    • Lion: We could start at 5:30 PM
    • Second Tuesday of the month
  • Eric: I look at this as a recruiting opportunity
    • Lion: Also developing SolSeed's philosophy further … at some point I'd like to present what naturalism is to me

Closing Blessing

May we all share a feeling of gratitude for this time we had together. --Blessed Be

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