May 3, 2010: Online Work Bee

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Only Ben and Brandon made it to this one.



  • Review WWWs
  • Triads
  • Disney/music for the video
  • Earth Day Redux
  • Book club etc
  • Personal Outreach

WWWs from last time

Were all related to putting together the Earth Day booth

Music for the video

  • We have two Disney contacts who have to go through separate clearance processes
  • If we can't get clearance?
    • Commission and/or write our own song?
    • Find something else that fits

Earth Day followup

  • Brandon sent personalized welcome messages to everyone who signed up at Earth Day (14 total)
    • Tried to talk about something we knew they were interested in
    • 3 replies so far
  • We could invite the most enthusiastic people to the business calls
  • Brandon will see about inviting some people in Portland to have lunch or breakfast 1-on-1

Book club and finding Octavia Butler fans

Personal Outreach

  • Start with thinking of one person each to send email to
  • Email format
    • Personalize and establish relatedness by showing understanding of their interests
    • Introduce who we are, ask whether they have any advice for us, or know someone else we should contact
    • Thank them for taking the time to read our email and for any help they might give us


  • Brandon ... Send Ben data from Earth Day signup sheet ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... Pay for the tents ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... Ping KatieV ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... Reply to Mike J. ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... send links to online Octavia Butler and Parables specific communities ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... email Lion ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... Reply to Andre ... by next call
  • Brandon ... write to David Livingston as personal outreach ... by next call
  • Shelley ... send out 3rd round of triads email ... by next call
  • Ben ... put together new email lists ... by Wednesday
  • Ben ... pick online newsgroup for book discussion group (email to and fro, with announcements for calls) ... by next call
  • Ben ... send email about newsgroup, first call (May 16 or May 23rd at 7:30pm), and picking up free copy of book from Brandon, or getting it mailed to them ... by next call
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