May 26, 2016: Online Work Bee

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Thursday Agenda

  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Project Work
    • Brandon: Work on getting back up
    • Brandon: Earthseed panel
    • Brandon: Beginner’s study guide draft
    • Ben: Consider verbiage for a new SolSeed flyer and/or book sticker
    • Ben: Look into the reservation system for the ferry to Orcas Island
    • Eric: Research companies to install the culvert
    • Eric: Respond to comments on the FB EarthSeed Group
    • Eric: Mourn that Space X didn’t launch its falcon 9 tonight and I won’t be available to watch it tomorrow.
    • Eric: Work on the idea of creating Gaia sculptures <passed to Patrick for now>
    • Eric: Go for quick swim in the pool <will do after the meeting>
  • Evaluation
  • Closing Blessing

Check In

  • Ben … I am annoyed with what our company has done to this product (skype). And I am looking forward to the conference.
  • Brandon … I think my check in is that I am excited that we might be getting (renting) the perfect house for us. There is no house in the world that would meet our criteria better.
  • Eric … I have been having fun riding around on an electric motor scooter. It's technically Michelle's, but I think I've been having more fun than her.

Scheduling for Solstice

  • The weekend before is Brandon's sister's wedding and the weekend after is a “real” triathlon in Sun River
    • Brandon might get "Yay Life" gear to wear
  • Ben isn't available on Tuesday the 21st

Opening Blessing

We come together in the midst of our busy lives, to take some time to work toward our highest aspirations. In the midst of this let us not forget that the work we do day to day in our lives is also, in its own way, tiny steps toward our highest aspirations. --Blessed Be

Verbiage ideas

SolSeed is a real-world religious movement inspired by the fictional Earthseed religion in Octavia Butler's Parables novels, and allied with the real-world Earthseed as well. SolSeed's central tenet is "Life is Precious," and we believe our Destiny to take root amongst the stars represents a great leap forward for all Earthly life, not just for the humans who build the starships. We embrace the Gaia metaphor as a way to viscerally connect with the great Tree of Life, of which humanity is only a single leaf. Our rituals center around retelling the Great Story of Evolution, the most important process of Change we know, mapping the eons-long narrative of Life's past and future history onto the Pagan Wheel of the Year.

  • Eric - Five fingers of approval! :)

Info for possible Moran State Park trip

  • The first 30% of reservable space on the Anacortes/San Juan Island route is released 2 months prior to the schedule start date. An additional 30% of vessel space is released at 7:00am 2 weeks before each sailing date, and then the final 30% is released at 7:00am 2 days before each sailing date.
  • Arrive at the toll booth 30 minutes prior to the reserved sailing for all westbound travel and eastbound departures from the islands.
  • Unlimited [reservation] changes are permitted up to 5pm the day prior to the reserved sailing. One change is allowed after 5pm but must be made more than two hours in advance of the reserved sailing
  • Outbound cost: $53.70 for vehicle and driver, $13.25 each for two adult passengers, $6.60 for Sequoia … total: $86.80
  • No charge for the return trip with a round-trip ticket

  • Campsite fee for sites with no electrical hookup (which is all sites in Moran State Park): $25-35
  • Availability is somewhat better at Northend than Midway

  • Cheapest available whale-watching tours are $89 per adult and $59 per child over 2, or $385 for the five of us, for a three-hour trip. They have 14 slots available at 11 AM on Friday June 24th.


  • Brandon … Fun
  • Ben … Whale watching is expensive. Not that I didn’t know that.
  • Eric … Looking forward to getting those quotes … Accepting one of them will feel like a really tangible move toward having a Seed Village

Closing Blessing

Our lives are indeed busy. And yet we aspire. May this oasis of concerted focus bring us together time and again to work towards those highest aspirations. To our lives, as they are and as they shall be. -- Blessed Be

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