May 17, 2020: Business Call

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  • Work bee
  • Check in
  • Review WWWs
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Year Plan
  • Review Agenda
  • Eric’s Vision
  • Schedule Regular Meeting with Star Community
  • Evaluations
  • Closing Blessing

Future business calls

  • Read Aloud ‘Flight in a Cage’
  • Gaia Vision Web Presence
  • SolSeed Creed
  • Quick look at partial draft sigil
  • Viventibus Galaxia
  • Shawn Windward report
  • Philosophy
    • Hypotheses about smaller superorganisms
  • Habitica
  • Adding a liturgical season


  • Lion: I have been in Zoom calls all day. (I had one break from 3 to 5) Yay Covid.I am excited. I am thinking a lot about the interface of emotional thinking and thinking through models. I am missing in person stuff.
  • Eric: 20200517VisitToBuckleberry
  • Manos: I was having a fairly good day until I was triggered by something Irene said while I was making dinner.. Feeling angry at myself for not doing something right and sad that there is an unnecessary gap between Irene and me.
  • Ben: I am feeling sad that I didn’t get to spend much time outdoors today. I was about to go for a walk and then my alarm went off to say that this call was in fifteen minutes.

Opening Blessing

We come together seeking ways to be together at a time when being together is a virtual affair. May this time together give us feelings of togetherness even though we are many kilometers apart. --Blessed Be

WWWs from last time



Weekly Events Logistics

Service rotation Ben, Eric
  • May 23rd Service: 9:45 AM PDT / 12:45 EDT … Ben
  • May 24th Business Call: 5:00 PM PDT / 20:00 EDT (Eric’s birthday: Happy Birthday to me!)
  • May 30th Service: 9:45 AM PDT / 12:45 EDT … Eric
  • May 31st Business Call: 5:00 PM PDT / 20:00 EDT

Year plan

Summer Solstice

Saturday June 20th at 17:43 EDT, 2:43 PM PDT

  • We can celebrate at the moment of solstice!

Reaching for your dreams

Eric: I realized that for the project I'd been thinking about for a long time, doing something hands-on, the first thing I have to do is research what others have done and whether theory supports the idea

  • The problem I'm trying to solve is the drop in biodiversity, and from what I can tell, the biggest driver is habitat destruction for farming. I wanted to come up with a way to feed people without destroying habitat. To get food from a forest on an industrial scale is hard.
    • Forests produce a lot of wood, and other creatures can digest it and we could then eat them. I had several ideas for this, but I'm focused on goats, which can eat wood chips. You could do it chemically, but from what I've read, you'd get a sugar that isn't safe to eat.
    • How to gather wood? Robots that climb trees and pick off twigs? Requires way too much energy. So recently I realized that if we dig small tunnels (4-6 inches) and flood them with compost tea made from goat manure, designed to be easily infiltrated by tree roots, we could then harvest the roots. The trees probably get a net benefit from the rich nutrients and water, and hopefully animals living underground will also benefit. Then you'd have machines to harvest the rootlets and collect them through a filter system.
    • I could publish a paper and have someone else implement it. I have a lot of irons in the fire and get hands-on work from gardening.

Lion: What do you think of vertical gardens?

  • Eric: They're cool, but they wouldin't solve the agriculture problem by themselves. They use a lot of energy for grow lights (unnecessary in my plan), although in spaces that are lit anyway they'd be okay.
  • Eric: Also, they separate us from nature, vs. my plan making us dependent on the wilderness again (although you could also do it in an orchard or tree farm). You would want to separate the goats from the forest, or have a small area of forest where they can eat the bark on trees as they tend to do.

Ben: How much wood can you get per hectare from these roots?

  • Eric: It depends how fast the roots grow. In my experience with roots getting into sewer pipes, it could be quite fast.

Manos: It doesn't get you back to dependence on the forest, but you could put the pipes under lawns and get grass roots. It might not be a bad idea to use grass for testing.

  • Eric: I was picturing building tunnels at multiple depths, and even though each level might be growing slower than grass would, the total growth might be a lot faster for trees.

Lion: How do you experience this as a dream?

  • Eric: It's dream as in vision, a series of daydreams about what is possible. I discussed it as far back as Sol 2015.
    • We had a similar dream at Sol 2014 about growing duckweed as food for astronauts.

Lion: I don't connect with this idea very well, and I think there are just too many of us on Earth.

  • I think living in arcologies could help. (Granted, I'm a city person.)
  • We need state prohibitions on ecological destruction, even though that makes prices go up.
  • Innovating on things like building materials to build more cheaply is way harder than it needs to be.
  • I want it to be exciting and cool, like the solarpunk aesthetic.

Eric: Here in this small town, there are a lot of abandoned houses that are essentially ecologically free.


Lion: can we schedule for two hours next time?

  • Eric: maybe time after next


  • Lion:I enjoyed the getting to know you.
  • Ben: I still want to figure out the other meeting but I feel that this meeting was productive
  • Manos: Mostly Illuminating
  • Eric: I got to talk a lot. Thank you for listening to me.

Closing Blessing

Live Long and Prosper --Blessed Be

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