May 1, 2011: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Review Agenda
  • Next Service Logistics
  • Schedule book club
  • One Page Plan
  • Earth Day Debrief
  • Seed Village
  • SpaceWiki
  • Evaluation

Check In

  • Shelley ... same as this morning (grieving)
  • Brandon ... pretty good day
  • Ben ... also pretty good day ... larping for first time in quite a while :-)
  • Sequoia ... had a great day, he has a rocket in his bedroom

WWWs from last time

  • Ben, Shelley and Brandon ... write stories about times we felt especially fulfilled in a community-like setting ... by next call (Shelley started on hers)
  • Brandon ... ask Kevin to fix the back cover (Cherishing the earth, Embracing science, Living in community, Bringing life to the Galaxy,
  • Brandon ... ask Kevin to fix the front cover to include "Happy in the Sun!"
  • Brandon and Shelley ... talk to neighbors ... by Friday

Next Service

  • 10am Saturday, May 7, 2011 ... Shelley
  • Rotation: Brandon, Jerry?, Shelley, Ben

Book Club Call

  • Shelley thought a 2-hour meeting would be good
    • Or do a 1-hour book club call, and then a TBD followup meeting later on the model of one or more visioning exercises from the book
    • Put the 1 hour into a 90-minute business call next week


2011 1 Year Goals (draft)

  • Village: Start construction on Ben's residence at Seed Village
  • Media: Finish the two books and maintain SpaceWiki
  • Spiritual practice: Maintain the spiritual practice (weekly service calls, in-person solstice and equinox events)

Stretch Goals

  • Outreach: Two more contributing members
  • Service: $10,000 or 200 hour contribution (or some combination) to a service project that brings life
  • Industry: Apply for an SBIR grant related to launching life to another world (possibly a space catapult)

  • Which of these would we keep?
    • Ben: SpaceWiki/Media
    • Shelley: Industry or Village
    • Brandon: Spiritual practice, but that's just maintenance
  • Which of these would we change to a "stretch goal"?
    • Shelley: Outreach (Ben reluctantly agrees)
    • Brandon: Also Service and Industry

2011 2nd Quarter Goals, due 6/30/2011

  • Seed Village
    • Yellow: Complete preliminary phase
    • Green:
      • Complete Seed Village Vision document
      • Complete schematic phase (for the backyard cottage)
    • Super Green: Complete schematic phase in time to have something worth showing at Earth Day
  • Earth Day 2011: Yellow
    • Yellow: Have three booths
    • Green:
      • Have all three kindred organizations represented (plus ET Ag)
      • Improve on last year's process for collection of contact information for interested visitors to the booths
    • Super Green: Follow up with each contact we make within one week
  • Children's book
    • Yellow: Another test copy
    • Green: Publish it
    • Super Green: Distribute it to 20 people
  • SpaceWiki
    • Yellow: Reserve a table at the Space Elevator Conference
    • Green: Create an effective way of dealing with all the spam on the website
    • Super Green: Have a good sponsorship outreach plan
  • Spiritual practice
    • Yellow: Have a solstice celebration
    • Green: Rewrite the SolSeedCreed
    • Super Green: Incorporate the church

Earth Day Debrief

  • Contacting people we met
  • Taking photos of the lettuce (weekly?)
  • Learnings
    • Brandon: The booth layout really matters, and needs to give a really low barrier to entry, with an opportunity for more depth if you want it
      • Ben: Contact Amber Case about this?
    • Brandon: Attract everyone there who might be interested in space, from a long distance
    • Ben: It would be nice to have more people manning the booth so one person isn't forced to shoulder the burden

Seed Village

  • Decision on backyard cottage vs. basement
    • Do we need plans from the architect to make that decision? No
    • We need to have our meetings about the book and stuff first


  • Shelley ... quite productive
  • Ben ... felt a little rushed
  • Brandon ... yes


  • Shelley ... invite Jerry to do the next service ... by tomorrow
  • Shelley ... identify and contact the one person she signed up ... by Thursday (possibly Monday)
  • Shelley ... take a picture of the lettuce ... by Monday
  • Shelley ... create a lettuce picture reminder system ... by Tonight
  • Brandon and Shelley ... finish community stories ... by next call
  • Brandon and Shelley ... finish reading the book ... by next call
  • Brandon, Shelley, and Ben ... review the book, by next call
  • Brandon ... get the data on the sign-up sheet to Shelley and Ben ... by Monday
  • Brandon ... write one paragraph about the "Orbital Railway Act of 2012" ... by next call
  • Ben ... identify and contact one or possibly two people who signed up ... by Monday
  • Ben ... create a page for the Earth Day 2011 event on the wiki ... by next call
  • Ben ... send a link to Gus of the newly created Earth Day page with another hearty thanks ... by next call
  • Ben ... create a "SpaceWiki Calendar" (or something) page on with our plans ... by next call
  • Ben ... recontact the Space Elevator guy at Microsoft ... by next call
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