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I stand for propagating world peace beginning on the inside.  I agitate for personal transformation and incite empowerment.
I am currently teaching myself finger-style guitar so I can play old Simon and Garfunkel and Dan Fogelberg songs.
Regular communer in the forest, flagrant tree hugger. Explorer of the soul, handy man, poet.


  I am reading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer right now. Recent readings:
  Big Mind, Big Heart. Into the Silent Land. Spiral Dynamics. The Meaning of Shakespeare. Blue like Jazz.
  A brief list of influential books:
  The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, the White Goddess, Faces in a Cloud,
The Gift of Fire.  Authors: All things Shakespeare, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Diane Ackerman, Irvin Yalom, ken Wilber

Current Quotations:

  Strange as it may seem today to say, the aim of life is to live,
  and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely,
  divinely aware. In this state of god-like awareness one sings; in
  this realm the world exists as a poem.
  - Henry Miller
  I hold a beast, an angel and a madman inside me. And my inquiry is as to their working,
and my problem is their subjugation and victory, downthrow and upheaval, and my effort is their self-expression.
  - Dylan Thomas

About Me:

I am a licensed psychotherapist (LMFT) in both California and Oregon.
I work in Portland Oregon as a personal development coach and therapist in private practice, (
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