March 7, 2009

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Opening Words & Reflections (5 min)

What humanity actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of us . . . not the discharge of tension at any cost, but the call of a potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled by us. -- Victor Frankl

Check In (10 min)

Arthur: promise to write up radiance metaphor - But I haven't written it yet. Strange week ... big deadline and presentation following busy week last week ... End of week found it hard to focus on work (read 3 books to avoid work and decompress ... how flow or I want to balance myself)
Lion: will do call for Sat March 14, 8 am; will send information to Shelley about Spiriata; introduce these questions ... how do I meet more people? how do I explain Spiriata in language that resonates? smashed from Watchmen

The first rule of Spiriata is: There is no Spiriata! ;)

Brandon: will do call for Sat March 7, 8 am; will do Timebridge for future times;
Shelley: bring up topics of Ultimate Concern and Process Theology with Book Club; think about language that would be useful within the SolSeedMovement ... in SolSeed call talked about connecting with others ... when I present often just seems weird ... this week I had a really great conversation about SolSeed (maybe because I wasn't trying to sell it) ... brought up Process Theology with book club ... group is reading Katherine Keller as a result ... wanted deeper conversation
Mickki: happy to be with you guys again ... we had a really cool gathering at the house ... conversations about flow in the context of coming together as a community ... including mom (yay!) ... we're doing a lot in the Mile High Business Alliance ... realized I've become fairly fearless about conversations wrt the Business Alliance and economy (need to come together and talk about these things as a community) ... worry sometimes will sound like crazy ... some things are so clear about how we could rewrite the rules (want to empower members) ... sometimes feeling like I'm dragging the system behind me (used to be pushing rock up mountain) ... now dragging this thing behind me ... especially fearless :-)
Ted: missed two calls in a row ... noticing my act is "leave me alone" ... that's what I say to you guys and a lot of people ... struggling at the moment with that again ... the better things get (work and relationship and home and creating) the harder it seems to be ... certainly not a tensionless state :-)

Topic (20 min)

What is the potential meaning we are choosing for our respective movements?

What humanity actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of us . . . not the discharge of tension at any cost, but the call of a potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled by us. -- Victor Frankl

Shelley: I'm not that excited about starting a big movement ... but I really enjoy SolSeed in my daily life ... we commonly make declarations that work in my daily life "SolSeedCreed ... sit down while eating" creates a sacred language more than just "I resolve to be attentative" ... generalizing my experience "we're looking to provide a language and structure that brings the holy into daily practice for people that join the SolSeedMovement"

Arthur: When I think of Destiny and our movement ... I don't think of it as for a group of people but for all humanity ... I don't like the track (if we extrapoloate culture and economy, pop growth) ... Destiny awakens in me changing that trajectory for all humanity and all life as we know it ... there is enough greater destiny possible

Mickki: Chatting about being a Jehovah's Witness ... they said "so am I going to hell?" ... what is our Destiny? what does happen to us? what are the results of our actions? ... what is the reason for behaving? maintaining moral agreements ... grew up believing I'd never die ... JW believe in us living on/in and caring for the earth ... even though I've moved from JW when I think of Destiny I still think of "life on a paradise earth that we helped create and we shaped and we're responsible for maintaining"

Lion: I'll speak for Spiriata and myself ... Destiny can be looked at in a lot of ways (ultimate far fuures) ... humanity is self-transcending (Masterlin principle?)... we will continue to transcend toward being more and more human ... become more Christlike ... more like our true nature ... (possibly a topic for future calls?) ... Watchmen tells a story of a guy with near-godlike powers (I think I'll go somewhere else and create from scratch cause this is to hard) ... continuous interrevolution (masculine in the male/female energy language) being in the moment and harmonizing (more the femanine in the energy language)

Ted: Some of what you said is very similar to the language of the Humanist movement (pre-human now, becoming human, creating the human nation is the work we're up to) this has always been moving for me (exciting to think about what that means in the 10-20-50 year horizon and on the thousand year horizon ... does that mean transcending our bodies or this planet or the whole universe waking up and becoming intelligent (spreading) ... "the fact that we've gotten to the stage of evolution where we get to choose is really inspiring to me"

Brandon: Not so inspired by a predetermined "destination" as the notion of destiny, but very inspired by a created destiny -- we imagine what the future is, and we create that destiny for ourselves, that pulls us toward it. It's the notion of creating a mark that our site is aimed at, or a destination that our boat is pointed at. We get to choose the destiny, and as we choose that destiny it in turn shapes who we become, which is the ultimate act of creatorship and aliveness. When you all talk about "becoming more human" I really resonate with that. I use the phrase "becoming more alive" to talk about that same (?similar) concept.

In other news, Brandon's wondering what we would call the structures represented by Spiriata, The Church, and SolSeed? What is the noun? "An intentional society?"

Broader movement ... What is the noun that labels the things we're creating

  • Community vs. Society (Society seems like the right thing for what we are creating) ... it has strong community feeling but composed of many communities
  • The Broader Movement is huge
  • I like Intentional Society "We're doing things on purpose" -- Lion
  • Groups of People
  • Post-post modernism
  • Movement ... a change in the pattern of humanity
  • Lion struggling with question "The esoterics of doership" ... who is it that is doing the thing ... it is not me but a higher power that is doing it ... wondering if this is a metaphor that can be tossed ... I don't understand it and it's really got me thinking
  • Shelley ... worthy question! perhaps next call?

What does destiny mean?

What is "Our Destiny"?

  • Creatorship
  • Intention
  • TheDestiny is Ours
  • Action
  • Playfulness / Play
  • Happy to be talking with you guys

Homework and Next Call (10 min)

  • Brandon: free conference setup for Saturday at 8am ... will get TimeBridge going to choose a different time for calls (or same time) ... contact info gathering for SolSeedMovement (by Sunday night)
  • Lion: agenda, topic, opening words, lead conversation -- Doership; setup agenda next week -- reuse etherpad link ... call everyone in Spiriata to coordinate schedule
  • Mickki: schedule gathering for conversations locally
  • Shelley: will email Lion times to schedule Doership (pre-conversation) by Sunday
  • Arthur: writing about radiance
  • Ted: leading a future call

Potential Topics

How to create conversations (practicalities of convening people) How to mobilize into group action

Closing Words (5 min)

Arthur: The destiny of our movement is establish human presence as a gift to all life.

Mickki: The destiny of life is to nurture more life and create greater possibilities.

Shelley: The destiny of life is abundant living.

Lion: The destiny of humankind is love.

Ted: The destinity of humanity is to choose our evolution and become more fully human.

TheDestiny of SolSeed
is to take root amongst the stars.

Ĝis! ("Until next time!", in Esperanto.)


TheDestiny of SolSeed is a CreatedDestiny through which we practice and deepen our Creatorship.


TheDestiny of SolSeed is to send life to other star systems.


TheDestiny of SolSeed is Now. And Now. And Now. And ...

SolSeed has already taken root amongst the stars on a spaceship called Terra that orbits a star called Sol.


TheDestiny of SolSeed is inevitable. Life in its exuberant Creatorship of new life has always and will always overflow and transcend the old boundaries. The current frontier will someday be the base camp for the next frontier. Interstellar travel is simply an inevitable consequence of Life being Life. Deeper and more nourishing roots are simply an inevitable consequence of Life being Life.


TheDestiny of SolSeed is transcendent. By beholding TheDestiny, we become changed. If we can break through enough to send life to other star systems, then surely the artificial limitations we place upon ourselves and our communities around feeding and caring for everyone can also be transcended. By considering the transformations necessary to accomplish the most difficult thing we can imagine, we place our other desired transformations into a context in which those transformations seem manageable and possible now.

EitherOr Destiny

TheDestiny of SolSeed will either be a wimper or a celebration.

We are going to leave the planet to live in space. How do we want to leave the planet? As fugitives from the death we have wrought? Or as ambassadors of the fecundity we have nourished?

We are going to leave the planet to our children when we die. How do we want to leave the planet? As fugitives from the death we have wrought? Or as progenitors of the fecundity we have nourished?


TheDestiny of SolSeed is to flower in ever more complex and transcendant ways.


TheDestiny of SolSeed is to grow ever more nourishing roots.


TheDestiny of SolSeed in its literal and metaphorical forms is Mythic in Proportion. The Truths it provides access to and the selves it calls into being are the stuff of legend.


The taking of special varieties of roots that destine one to have sensations of being "among the stars."


I put this light out there and it calls me toward it.


Make a goal big enough and inclusive enough ... superordinate ... groups often bond when they have to work together to solve their tasks.


It's big enough and leaves room for enough interpretations that anyone who wants to can find a way to come on board.


If we are focused outward on solving a problem that requires all of us, we don't have time to create squabbles and other problems whose solutions don't exercise our creatorship.

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