March 21, 2009

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Notes and Agendas at:


Opening Words & Reflections (5 min)

From Silo's Message (Part 3, The Path)

(Ted) If you believe that your life will end with death, nothing that you think, feel, or do has any meaning. Everything will end with incoherence and disintegration.

(Shelley) If you believe that your life does not end with death, you must bring into agreement what you think with what you feel and what you do. All must advance toward coherence, toward unity.

(Lion) If you are indifferent to the pain and suffering of others, none of the help that you ask for will find justification.

(Brandon) If you are not indifferent to the pain and suffering of others, in order to help them you must bring your thoughts, feelings, and actions into agreement.

(Ben) Learn to treat others in the way that you want to be treated.

(T) Learn to surpass pain and suffering in yourself, in those close to you, and in human society.

(S) Learn to resist the violence that is within you and outside of you.

(L) Learn to recognize the signs of the sacred within you and around you.

(Br) Do not let your life pass by without asking yourself, “Who am I?”

(Be) Do not let your life pass by without asking yourself, “Where am I going?”

(T) Do not let a day pass by without giving an answer to yourself about who you are.

(S) Do not let a day pass by without giving an answer to yourself about where you are going.

(L) Do not let a great joy pass without giving thanks internally.

(Br) Do not let a great sadness pass without calling into your interior for the joy that you have saved there.

(Be) Do not imagine that you are alone in your village, in your city, on the Earth, or among the infinite worlds.

(T) Do not imagine that you are enchained to this time and this space.

(S) Do not imagine that in your death loneliness will become eternal.

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." -- Meditation (maybe this could be opening or closing words for next time? - Ben) (I wouldn't mind..! - L)

Check In (10 min)

  • Ted: In recent months I've been playing with being a protagonist in my life. I've taken that on in work and relationships. I've been struggling with not knowing what to at work. Quarterly goals ending...time to reflect and decide what's next.
  • Shelley: I continue to learn the same lesson again and again. I've found it true in past and it continues to be. Whatever I bring to relationships is what I get back from those relationships.
  • Ben: Balancing increasing many I can serve at once. Have new gratitude for my circumstances and position.
  • Brandon: I come into these calls with some anxiety and a sense of being overcommitted, and end up with a sense of being re-committed.
  • Lion: This week has been a period of exuberance for me....I booked my tickets for Bucketworks, focusing on planning for Spiriata for this year
  • Arthur: Since my voice connection sucks, I'll just type. I'm stuck in the airport, missed flight, will be in PDX this evening. I've had an inspiring week of new currency conversations. Yes. Alternative currencies as the DNA for social critters (life/organisms at the level of social institutions). [end]

Topic (20 min)

  • How to create conversations (practicalities of convening people)
    • People worry "if I start something like a weekly or monthly conversation, everyone will have long-term expectations of me, so I won't even try starting it"
    • How things can be ad hoc. come back ted!!! (Illustrating the ad hoc nature of conversations!) LOL! We can have a potluck, share passions, and do it again if we feel like it. This is a possible way of overcoming the "pressure" of perpetual commitments.
    • Having an excuse to get together is nice. Food is nice. Games. An excuse is an anxiety reducer.
    • It depends on the type of conversations you want to have. If they're conversations to keep an org together, you may not want them to just be ad hoc.
    • Brandon has had training in this from Landmark
      • Landmark's conversations start with enrollment (not "to sign people up" but to inspire them). The original distinctions are:
        • Conversation for Relationship (get related, connected)
          • social protocols enshrine what works
          • manipulation vs authenticity & creating opportunity
            • Don't try to talk people into something that's wrong for them
        • Conversation for Possibility (see what's possible, get inspired)
        • Conversation for Opportunity (see opportunity to contribute/participate personally)
        • Conversation for Action (invitation to act/commit)
  • developing community amongst participants
    • have some meetings where there's no explicit purpose or theme

I'll clean this up in a bit -- concentrating right now. enrollment conversation - inspiring a possibility for their own lives -- talk re: fetures (creed, member, wiki) -- doesn't inspire. Help people to see a possibility - life you love, express in, illustrate w a story about how it comes alive for you.

usu. want people to say yes, so attached, & comes out in lang. pressure, -- give an opportunity to choose, and not

    • Arthur: If I had a decent voice connection, I'd love to share the life cycle of conversations from the Wisdom Course

Distinctions from Landmark Wisdom Course [can somebody else read this aloud?]

If you have a new vision/conversation/idea that you want to engage people in. Think of Sol Seed / Spiriata / "Unnamed" Church as a new kind of conversation that nobody else is really having. How do you take it from the level of non-existence to the point where EVERYONE is inside that conversation and it seems weird to think that there was ever a time that it wasn't like that?

Example: Brushing your teeth. There was a time NOBODY did it. What was it like for the first people who tried to spread that idea? Now it is so ubiquitous, that it's almost strange to think of somebody inventing the idea.

Maybe we could talk about these another time when I could speak, because they're FRIGGIN' powerful!

Through the whole process you are consistently doing three things: Adding time, Adding membership, Adding Media.

In the list below, each stage is comprised of two parts, the energy that characterizes the stage is on the left, the barrier that you have to transform your relationship to is on the right.

Stages of a Conversation [ consider these stage in light of the above ]

1. Listen / Express
2. Remember / Forget
3. Strengthen & Build Support / Fail
4. Predict & Tune / Succeed
5. Enhance / Flood
6. Distinguish / Understand & Explain
7. Enroll / Lose

Works for me.

Homework and Next Call (10 min)

  • Arthur will take the next call
  • Brandon will work on SolSeed enrollment book for a couple of hours
  • Shelley will help Brandon on the SolSeed enrollment book
  • Brandon will start echoing stuff onto the SolSeed wiki. He will also get all the contact info he has for Rob to Ben Sibelman.
  • Ted will reflect on quarter of work at work, and on other areas of life
  • Lion will talk w/ Spiriata, perhaps not about stages of conversation; Working on communicating Spirata mission & plan right now. Lion will arrange meeting w/ Microsoft employee.
  • Ben will look at SolSeed wiki and help clarify the relationship of the other movement pages hosted there for now. Ben will try to reconnect with Rob Lind.
    • Arthur: Church of the Upward Spiral is also what I call it, but not the real name. My homework... steal some time with Brandon, Shelley and maybe even Lion this week while I'm on the west coast for some more conversations.

Potential Topics

  • Going into more depth about the Wisdom Course "stages of a conversation"
  • How to give presentations before groups?
  • How to mobilize into group action

Closing Words (5 min)

From Silo's Message (Part 1, The Book):

T- V. Intimation of Meaning

S-The third day.

L-1. At times I have anticipated events that later took place. Br- 2. At times I have grasped a distant thought. Be- 3. At times I have described places I have never been. 4. At times I have recounted exactly what took place in my absence. 5. At times an immense joy has surprised me. L- 6. At times a total comprehension has overwhelmed me. 7. At times a perfect communion with everything has filled me with ecstasy. 8. At times I have broken through my reveries and seen reality in a new way. 9. At times I have seen something for the first time, yet recognized it as though I had seen it before.

…And all this has made me think.  It is clear to me that without these experiences I could not have emerged from the non-meaning.


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